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So on Ribana’s Bucket List – we have Barcelona – read on for a great and informative post!

What locations are on your Bucket List?

For me, l have travelled quite a lot, but many of the locations were with my parents. I am not untravelled, but it would be nice to perhaps see some more Europe. Suze has travelled abroad extensively and yet never done Europe. So l think next year, we may take some small weekend trips out.

I do know that we are booking a week holiday to Greece next year, and l have a hankering for another time to revisit Pompeii which l saw a couple of times before the turn of the millenium so would be terrific to visit again.

My travel bucket-list: Barcelona, Spain

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  1. I won’t make it to barcelona this time around, but we are going to Madrid, Malaga, Cuerta and Gibraltar next month. Spain has always been on my bucket list too.

  2. I would love to travel just about everywhere. I’m limited to Virtual Traveling so I love when I get to tag along on someone’s trip!

    Greece is someplace I’d love to go! Lots of pictures please! I was just thinking last night about how people in UK and Europe can travel to different countries the way we travel to different states. I’d love to be able to do that. Different states/regions cans *seem* like foreign countries but it’s not the same.

    1. Hey Grandma, be sure l’ll take plenty of photos when we go – it ‘s been ages since l went to Greece, the last time was the holiday l took with the ratcatcher which l aim to write about – that lad knew how to make someone go read, and it can take a lot for that to happen to me!!

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