Dear Blog – 13.55 – 21/07/19

Positivity Drive Day 2

Just a quick update.

Well we started yesterday, however with the vets appointment and the news received there, we let the drive take a bit of a back seat so we could all gather our thoughts and so we just took some ‘us’ time for the evening.

This morning, however we swung back into action, even Scrappy got into the swing of things – although swing is a bit too energetic. The better description is Scrappy in her role of fourpawson got into the way of the swing of things. Insisting on inspecting everything before they were sited and located, lying down when rugs were being sited and falling asleep when desks were being put together, then of course sleeping on the rugs to make sure they had the right three bears feel appeal!

So far so good, lots of before and after photos to be seen when they eventually make their debut in the relevant posts coming out this coming week. Of course there is debris and clutter everywhere , but hey that is to be expected, all good fun.

Scrappy is moving in with me into my new office space and it is fast becoming apparent she loves the new space, that’s interesting.

Suze and l work really well together as a couple, we are lucky we always have, always good humour to be had in the world of dumb and dumber!! Suze is the practical one of course, l am the logical one, until the time when Suze is the logical one and l am the “No not that corner you Twit!!”

Right must crack on, catch you on the flipside 🙂

Dear Blog ……

6 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 13.55 – 21/07/19

  1. Our K9 friends are very good inspectors when we’re moving things around. Their paw of approval must be on each change.😂
    No mashed fingers? You and Size are professionals!👏 Let the creative juices flow!

    1. Hey Mel, how long have you been back?

      Did Suze have a good time? Yes in many ways she did, although she is mostly there in Grandmother role, and the kids can run her ragged. Plus she comes back iller than she left and more so the last two trips out.

      She has been four times in four years, but she never really sees much of Austyralia sadly.

      How was your trip?

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