Unspoken Whispers



Unspoken Whispers

Thoughts again of you, drift through my mind,
As if it’s so long ago and from another time,
Together as we were, so much in love,
But it was not be was it, now not spoken of,
Listening now as l am to Blunt and his song,
Goodbye My Lover, wondering where it went wrong,
Parted as we did, apparently now we are friends,
Yet still emotions run high and transcends,
Too intense was l and you not actually ready,
Yet still you say you love me with an intensity?
But l am confused by all it has to be said,
For you chased me, and got into my head,
How can you say you love me more than l know,
From me to you, this was wrong? Am l being slow?
There was so much to be said, as we went our own ways,
Whispers were left unspoken, perhaps for another day,
Never again will be together as a loving one,
What’s been done is done, and now it has gone,
Now we are but two separate souls on the road ahead,
Accepting am l, that unspoken words are best left unsaid.

© Rory Matier 2012

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