Dear Blog – 18.55 – 20/07/19

The String, its proverbial length and the length end is near.

Suze and l took Scrappy to her pre-booked vets appointment this afternoon at 3pm.  Sadly the results were not good.

She does have an anal gland lump that has indeed gotten bigger since the first identification of its presence in January of this year. We saw today the vet who discovered it back then, so she was able determine what the growth rate was.

In January it was pea sized, and here we are in July and it is now kumquat size. Okay by itself as a cancer this is not great news. In the next 6 weeks the vet now believes that it will increase in growth by a further 50% based on her experience.  Whilst this is a problem, it is not that serious a problem, it is not hindering Scrappy’s functionality abilities, but something else is, that has now taken prime precedence on Scrappy’s health and that is her mobility due to her arthritis. Sadly in the last three months and you may have read this before in my writings especially in her diary episodes that her walking has become very poor.

We take her now on much shorter walks these days, much to her own angst, but for her own health.

Scrappy refuses point blank to allow us to help her with pain relief tablets and today we learned that Scrappy whilst not writhing in agony is in many ways her own biggest enemy because as a sturdy hardy breed doesn’t express her pain levels freely. By not taking medication in solid form we are restricted by the sheer lack of soluable medications for dogs on the market.

We have one and we are now researching or rather the vet is the use of Gabapentin which although mainly for cats, can be used on dogs, but it is expensive considering the dose and the price per 50ml bottle. I have given the go ahead to order it if needs be unless a suitable alternative can be found.

If she starts taking it, then we are to have her take it for a month, if she responds then Suze and l have longer with Scrappy as we can award her some respite but sadly if there is no improvement in the first week ten days, then we must make the decision for her health. The last thing Suze and l would want is our little girl being in crippling pain.

So really, at this current time with no pain relief as a family we have very little time left together it is now day by day rather than month by month. We all hope for the fact that the liquid medication can assist, but time will tell.

So there we go, an update for all Scrappy’s fans and friends alike.

Thanks for reading Rory

Dear Blog ……

35 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 18.55 – 20/07/19

  1. Stubborn K9 won’t take her medicine… I’m surprised there’s not a human equivalent in liquid form. Or can’t a vet prescribe human meds? It’s all the same. I’m sad for you and sad for Scrappy. Fingers crossed the new med will help!
    More Big Hugs!💌💌💌💌

    1. Well the vet is currently looking at childrens soluables in paracetamol but that has to be carefully selected as well due to certain agents that are not as harmful for humans but not great for K9’s.

      If it was to work, then it means we could have potentially but not guaranteed maybe another 3/4 months with her, but her inability to walk properly is now the biggest problem. As loving parents we just have to make the right decisions for her as heartbreaking as it is.

      Sadly so many human K9 parents have to face this. The industry needs to start looking at this problem and rectifying it.

      1. I know they have liquid opiate painkillers but I guess our beloved pets don’t deserve that? 3-4 months😢

        They have services over here where someone will come to your home for the final injections. More comfortable for everyone than a vets office. It costs more but worth the extra expense IMO.

        1. I know and yes, l know, Suze and l talked about this. It is so stressful for Scrappy to be hauled in and out of the car. The final pathway is the option we will be taking.

          I am hoping that the vet can give us some good news tomorrow regarding something. Apart from poor bedside manner from the last appointment a month ago, the vets in the practice are all excellent and l know our vet today was extremely upset at this news, as Scrappy is a very much loved dog at the practice because of everything she has gotten through in the last three years.

    1. Hey Sadje, so do we – l have given the go ahead for Scrappy’s Gabapentin to be accepted. It’s not the expsense, if we can just get her some pain relief it would be fantastic.

      As the vet said the biggest upset is that we have a very happy dog at her head end, a uncomfortable dog on the bum end not a killer and sadly a very unhappy dog in the middle with her legs.

        1. Mm, for all three of us the road has been bumpy. The saving grace is that Scrappy doesn’t know she has the cancer or the lump, in her world she knows she is getting older, more limited in her walking abilities and at times she is finding it hard to get comfortable.

            1. I know. It’s not going to be an easy next few weeks in truth. Suze and l can only hope that if we try this new pain relief that it helps, but we should know within the first week.

  2. I am so sorry to hear this. We now have Lucie on Gabapentin along with Meloxocam, plus her aqua treatments and acupuncture. She is doing great. She has made such a fabulous improvement in just a short period of time. It’s worth a try. Lucie was rally struggling to walk too, and now she is running a bit and is doing so much in her therapy.

    1. Hey Jeanne, well l have given the vets the go ahead on the Gaba, Scrappy receives Metacam already and we can only discuss other options if the prescribed drug starts to work.

      It’s all down to time now.

  3. Oh, my Dear, so sorry to hear this! It is so hard to see them suffer and not be able to help, or make it go away! I am holding each of you in my Heart, wishing you the highest good in every way. 💞

  4. I’m sorry to hear about Scrappy. I hope that the lump doesn’t grow much larger or at all. I know that Gabapentin is available in tablet form. They’re small and can easily be hidden in like a piece of hot dog. A possible alternative if you choose to use it.

    1. Hey Barb, luckily we can get it in liquid form, because Scrappy has this uncanny ability to sense tablets l feel. She has spat out items of food with powder on it the past and then deliberately starve herself … she can be a bit of a nightmare at times.

    1. Hi Renard thank you, sadly however even if not for the crippling arthritis with the cancer, the best we could hope for would be 2-5 months either way. None of it is looking good. We just have to now start making sure she is not in too much pain. 🙂

  5. We love our animals, even knowing they won’t live as long as we do, but to see the pain they endure, stoically and willingly to stay in the pack, makes me feel humbled and unworthy.
    We are in the same situation. Pepsi’s arthritis is at the crippling stage (spine is worst, hips and knees and elbows), but she won’t let it stop her. A few moments where it doesn’t hurt, she does something (like get out of bed), and she can’t move.
    And she’s another skilful in the art of tablet/powder detection and removal.
    I only hope I’m strong enough to make the right decision at the right time …

    1. Hey Cage,

      I know, to stay part of the pack – to not let you see their pain it does humble us. Scrappy got through as you may recall the IVDD, she got through the scare of last year, she keeps getting through, despite nodules on the lung, crippling arthritis, spinal disease and the list goes on.

      Yet, there are times when she races around the garden like a lunatic only to suffer within 10 minutes of doing so. It’s heartbreaking for us knowing she has cancer at one end and that’s not going to be her demise as serious as that is. She is happy one end, despite cognitive problems at night … and you find yourself questioning absolutely everything. Suze and l are in the most uncomfortable position ever.

      She made me stop dead in my tracks and think about my shoulder, yes it is bloody painful at times and then l looked at her with everything going on, and l just thought, l can get through this without tablets.

      But looking at her when she is at her most vulnerable, and discomfort and l just question myself and if l am being cruel or whatever. If she takes to the Gaba, it will ease her discomfort and award us more time as a family, but if she doesn’t and it doesn’t help her, then we have to make that decision for her health long term, which will be very short term. I, like you have had Pepsi, have had Scrappy in my life for a long time , she is nearly 16, but unless some kind of miracle intervenes, she’ll not see that birthday and it puts us under so much pressure, stress, anxiety and just drops you down … you know the score.

      Keep well, hugs to Pepsi for me from us 🙂

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