Dear Blog – 11.55 – 20/07/19

It’s all a go go here!

Well this weekend, as part of my new positivity drive, l am moving locations. Sounds more adventurous than the reality is of course – but it’s all in the way you think! I am currently located in my house next to the conservatory, it’s a fairly large room, and now l am moving to the middle bedroom. A room that is no more than a box bedroom in many respects. It was Suze’s den, however l decided that in order for her positivity and confidence to increase she needed my office space, it will allow her mind to broaden and allow her the freedom to extend into her creative hobbies more.

Suze has lots of hobbies and interests and passions and yet in all the years l have been her partner never once has she actively taken part in them! Suze is very family orientated, which is lovely, but her kids are getting older and so too are the grandchildren. I have said she needs to be a little more selfish on her time and take time for her and not to continually allow herself to be manipulated by her two adult children.

Suze came back from Australia last Monday again ill! You may recall, she came back from down under last November – ill! That flu floored her for months! Her immune system needs to reboot and the ONLY way she can have that to happen is to take time out for herself. I had said this to her months ago, years ago – but it was always the family first. Now she and we and us are going to work on her health, mind, body and soul and more importantly her immune system to recover.

So she gets the bigger room, next to the garden. Being a naturally outdoorsy person – Suze needs the nature input for her creativity to flow.

Now, for me, l need to lose distraction, so have opted for the middle box room’s smaller size so that l can pull back my powers of time management properly and the cubicle environment is better for my focus!

But by golly jeepers, two rooms basically exchanging is a huge endeavour, as there is also another decluttering ongoing!

All good though. Will discuss this more in The Positive Brain series in time. As they say and indeed does the image below, you’ll not achieve Order, till you create Chaos!

Catch you on the flipside!

Dear Blog ……



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  1. That was really nice of you to switch workspaces with Suze. I hope the more confined space does you good.

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