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An excellent post here by Suzi regarding hydration versus dehydration – totally worth the read. The amount of people that don’t fully understand the importance of this is staggering…

Top 10 Ways to Stay Hydrated

My additional notelet to this is don’t forget your animals, always have fresh water down for them, but equally as important is having water outside available to the likes of birds, hedgehogs, bees and even foxes. With hedgehogs always remember to have some safeguards like rocks or even some saftey mesh [to prevent drownings] and add a few stones for bees and mayflies. If you have a bird bath always remember to keep it filled and fresh and mind out for mosquito eggs – no don’t water them ha ha, stagnant waters are ideal breeding grounds for the nasty sods!

6 thoughts on “Top 10 Ways to Stay Hydrated – My Colourful Life

  1. Staying hydrated is very very important! Our bodies are mostly water. How can they work properly if they’re not full up?
    Is 27C really super warm for summer there? Just curious because it was 36C here just a couple days ago, and it gets hotter😞

    1. For me personally 27 isn’t that warm, but l live on the East Kent coast and usually our 27’s are closer to 29’s and 30’s.

      Personally l prefer it hotter and 36 sounds great, although probably not great if you don’t like 36’s.

      But on a general basis anything in the UK on a summer season above 23-25 is considered hot 🙂

      1. Of I didn’t love where I live so much I’d consider moving to get away from the heat of summer. Of course usually with cooler summers you also get colder winters and I don’t like cold any more than heat.
        I’m just a delicate flower that can’t tolerate extremes😂😂😂

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