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Howdy Doody Folks!!

Once a month – the Huge Hug Club is active! Today is that day! You know, we may all be on different continents, different countries, different customs and cultures, but whilst we are here – we are the same. I may not be able to get y’all each and every day – fact! I may not talk to y’ll each and every day Fact! But it doesn’t mean that l am not thinking about y’all! That’s a fact! But everyone needs a hug at least once a damn day!

“A hug is a form of endearment, universal in human communities, in which two or more people put their arms around the neck, back, or waist of one another and hold each other closely. If more than two people are involved, it is referred to as a group hug”


“Hugs should be available at the medical stores 24/7. Sometimes, they are the best healers for almost everything.”

Minhal Mehdi

You know the benefits to a hug? Let me tell you!

  • Reduce stress
  • They can keep your immune system healthy
  • Boost your heart health
  • Make you happier
  • Reduce your anxiety and fears
  • Can make the monsters go away
  • Reduce pain
  • A Form of communication – as in ‘just to say hello’

Today l award the following with a Huge hug!

Some requested, others just awarded – because, well because l can – l’m a huggy type of guy! So here we go folks are you ready, it’s time for ……….


Lisa of All About Life

Suze of Suziland Too or Obsolete Childhood

Lorraine of Blind Wilderness

Nova of  My Namaste 365 Online

Lisa of Lismore Paper

Sadje of Keep it Alive

Fandango of This, That and The Other

Angie of King Ben’s Grandma

Paula of Light Motifs II

Melanie of Sparksfromacombustiblemind

Kristian – Tales of the mind of Kristian

Ribana of Popsicle Society

Gary of Bereaved Single Dad

Britchy of Bitchin in the Kitchen

Kristian of Life Lessons from Around the Dinner Table

Richa of iScriblr

Beckie of Beckie’s Mental Mess


Tanvir of Beauty Lies Within Yourself

Lady D of 3C Style

Cheryl of The Bag Lady

Clare of Dreams and Adventures of Cosy Cottage

Jay-lin of The Wonderful and Wacky World of one Single Mum

Barb of Bipolar Barb

Suzi Tench of My Colourful Life

Carol Anne of Therapy Bits

Cyranny of Cyranny’s Cove

Di of Pensitivity 101

John of Willing Yourself To Win


Kat of Family Furore

Ashley – Mental Health @ Home

Laurie of Meditations in Motion

Juju of Roijoyeux

Michelle of Mws R Writings

Victoria of Ray Not Bradbury

Suzanne of Ellie894

Karen of Blue Sky Days 365

Julie de Rohan

Stubby of The Stubborn Australian

Saania of Fun with Philosophy

Sa of Culture Shocks

Emily of Zombie Flamingos

Em of Earthly Brain

Betty of Guidelines Web

Ruth of Don’t Eat It Soap

Penny Wilson of Penny Wilson Writes

Patti Moore Wilson of Wednesday’s Child

JP the Wide-eyed Wanderer

Carolyn of Hawkfeather Stories

Renard Moreau

Kim Jacque of the Writer Side of Life

Emily Mae Hood of New York Family Adventures

Barbara of Teleporting Weena

Victoria of Just Sayins

Scott of Speaking Bipolar

Chris Hall of Luna’s on Line

Kamber Shaffer of The Happy List Maker

Goldie of Daily Flabbergast

Belle of Wondering Belle’s Blog

SarahC of This N That With Me

Stoner on a Rollercoaster

Mercury Twin

Kentucky of Kentucky Angel Flies Again

Jo of A Creative PTSD Gal

ArtisanX of Proscenium

Paul of Parallax

Cathy of Cathy Crafty Designs

The Reverist

Astrid of A Multitude of Musings

Dorinda Duclos of Night Owl Poetry

Susi Bocks of I Write Her

Jeanne of Borderline Crossing

KK of Finding French Charming

Larry Trasciatti of Eastelmhurst.a.go.go

Now l am pretty sure, everyone who liked the post last month and those who requested a hug are on this list! This post WILL BE reblogged in 12 hours time, so if your name is NOT on the list and you want to receive the once a month community big hug, then drop your name below, otherwise … well you’ll have to wait till next month!


38 thoughts on “The Huge Hug Club

  1. Rory, I am delighted that you included me!! I could use a hug! You’re a sweetheart and I’m so happy that you are part of the WordPress community!! <3 <3 <3

  2. GROUP HUG!!! I’m in. Thanks for including me Rory. I hope to visit some of the others in the group when time allows.

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