Hanakotoba: The Japanese Language Of Flowers


The Japanese Language of Flowers

Deepest Blush

When the wind dies,
And fallen leaves of yesterday lie,
Like abandoned pages of a lost book,
Fluttering quietly alone in a field of trees,
Who weeps?
And when whispers of before echo silently,
There is always tomorrow,
A thousand suns rising in the skies,
Golden breaths of life in the olden airs,
Before the moon beams dream of anew,
Time, just like the winds will,
Carry the hellos and goodbyes of a new day,
Always tomorrow,
But yesterdays dance away from shores,
Like wildest roses of deepest blush,
Of today,

Twas the blossoms of such fiery seduction,
In fullest crimson radiance and sensual allure,
Which have held me in captivated abductions,
And chained spellbound for many a passing year,

Another sunset fades and draws the memories,
From deep within the yesterdays of youth,
Bringing forth the sweetness of wild energies,
When wild roses of deepest blush did so soothe,

Hypnotically glowing and glistening in moonlight,
Sexually passionate in beautifully teased embrace,
Mysteriously taunting all who try to fight,
The sultry enigma of creations’ pretender of chaste,

Temptresses of fire, ice and spell like demure,
Majestically tempering admirers with quiet quintessence
Amongst other darkened beauties and the impure,
Flaunting but unawares of their presence,

And yet, yet my breath still falls and catches short,
When l gaze into the past darkness’s and rises,
Of so many yesterdays ago retained in my vaults,
And remember the hellos and goodbyes from her eyes,

Lost heartbeats silhouetted against ivy whisperings,
Trailing helplessly behind dwindling sunsets,
Lost in translation and leaving me shivering,
Mesmerizingly swaying without regrets,

But yesterdays dance away from shores,
Like wildest roses of deepest blush,
Of today

© Rory Matier 2012

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