Hanakotoba: The Japanese Language Of Flowers




The Japanese Language Of Flowers



When an English rose looks
Take heed for you yourself may awaken

Oh God, but what a look it was, just a glimpse in truth,
Yet full of beautiful sparkle all the same,
Simply an alluring moment, that took me back to my youth,
When times like these easily caught aflame

Taken by surprise,
Just one look of such depth,
And sensuality present in smouldering eyes,
Momentarily losing my breath,
A soft and subtle glimmer,
Moments of perfection and promised sexuality,
Welcome back, remember me shimmers,
In my minds’ eye,

When the rose looks from beneath the mask,
And the mornings’ air freshens’ your memory,
Stirrings from afore, awaken to bask,
With quietened overtures seductively,

Seeking promises of new beginnings,
And ripened fruits of unbridled passions,
Looking forwards to new dawning’s,
Of daring and honest compassions,

Today an English rose looked upon me,
And l awoke from my slumber,

Just one smile,
And l remembered,
My life before now.


© Rory Matier 2012

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