Decluttering my Yesterdays


Decluttering my Yesterdays

It’s one of those days, we all get them – we all do, l have been experiencing a few recently in the last few weeks so although they are kind of frustrating – you have to get used to them, you have to just learn to ride the rollercoaster!

Does anybody still wear neck ties? Anybody, anybody at all?

I am currently decluttering my yesterdays and l have now decided that my neck tie collection, from 1987 – 1993 has to go. The last time l actually wore a neck tie was once in 2000. I can even remember the three times between 1993 – 2000 that l also wore neckties. They were 1995,7 and 9 and then the one for 2000.  Now the image above is not my collection.

The images below are and l am asking my readership this:

IMG_0832 (2)

What do l do with them?

Give them to Charity where they may sell them or end up dumping them for cloth weight?

Give them to some kind of recycling charity that is going to make something from them?

Something else? Open to suggestions?

IMG_0836 (2)

The biggest problem with us as people is we hang on to too many things that we don’t need to hang onto, l am really bad for it at times, you know?

IMG_0833 (2)

In the last 6 years, l have slimmed down my possessions, because l want to be more uncluttered and live a more minimialistic life. I hung on to these ties and my waistcoats for years on the premise that l would somewhere probably have a use for them??But l don’t and for the last 19 years l have never had one occasion to wear a single tie. 18 Months ago and last year l put them up for sale, and didn’t have a single bite. I suppose l could eBay them, but that’s not the answer either. It’s not about money, it’s about finding the right home for them, whatever the right home might be?

I can remember all of these ties, they all have a story from my life, l remember where l was , what l was doing with them, where l bought them from and of all the ties, the only one l am actually going to keep is one l wore 19 times in 6 years and that is because it is an original 1955 silk Mammy Yokum tie!

IMG_0834 (2)

My thinking for this is if l ever was to wear a tie again it’ll be that one tie. It’s a beautiful tie.  It doesn’t even have a special memory attached to it. Well not really, it was bought in Kingston upon Thames in 1988 in a store that has now long gone, called “Just Brilliant!”

IMG_0835 (2)

It was a store that sold 1940’s paraphernalia. I was by myself when l bought the tie. I had spent three hours in the shop talking to the owner who was both gorgeous and single.  I did take her out to dinner that night, but that’s NOT why l bought the tie.

l bought the tie because it spoke to me, and basically said “You know l am you, don’t you?” I did and so l bought the tie! The tie is below and as you can see in comparison to some of the other ties it’s quite plain. But it’s a truly beautiful tie.

IMG_0838 (2)

Let me know your suggestions below, thanks. Rory


55 thoughts on “Decluttering my Yesterdays

    1. Hey Jay-lyn, that is actually an excellent suggestion – thank you.

      That would fall into either a recycle unit willing to take them on board or a private individual – many thanks .

      Keep smiling 🙂

    1. Hey Penny, hope you are keeping well. Yes, l think a repurpose may be better than a straight forwards charity job. There are some lovely ties in there, mm, your idea makes me think of something else and especially the wording ‘repurposing’ l do like that word a hell of a lot 🙂

      Thanks Penny, keep smiling 🙂

  1. I was going to say the same… i have a stack to quilt… may never get to them but they are beautiful and hope some day, someone, including myself, can get to the project!!! 🥳

    1. Hey Jeanne, hope you are keeping well. well a couple of words being used with this post and you yourself have used them as well is 1] quilting and 2] repurposing.

      It’s a project, l like that idea also 🙂

      Many thanks Jeanne

      1. Hey Rory… look up old ties on DuckDuckGo. A lampshade! A steampunk dress! So many wonderful ideas… and surplus of silk ties! I hope u r fine too… which u seem to be!! 🥳✌🏼

  2. What a wonderful collection! I agree with the quilt idea… or maybe cushion covers? I’m sure a sewing / craft group could make something even more beautiful from them.

    1. Hey Chris, hope life is keeping well for you 🙂

      Yes it is a lovely collection and a wonderfully vibrant colour selection as well, a lot of ideas have been furnished also into this post and made me think of all sorts of things – cushion covers is also a cracking idea – many thanks 🙂

    1. Hey Sadje, l agree with the recycling and of course Oxfam would probably take them, but there are some ideas in this post that have made me think of even more ideas – but great input, so many thanks 🙂

  3. My goodness, so many things can be done with the variety you have displayed here. Consignment stores, quilting, even weaving. You could also donate them to restaurants that have the suit jacket & tie requirements, donate to schools who throw on plays, countless ideas. But, I think a consignment store would be great because women and men could pick through them and decide what to use them for. Even Goodwill.

  4. I was thinking of a quilt too. There must be someone out there who could repurpose them for you.
    Ben wears a tie and suit jacket to school every day. It’s his look. It’s not a uniform, he’s the only one who does it. We but cheap ties & suit jackets from the resale stores because he’s so rough on everything he owns. He’s an (almost) eleven year old child. Of course he’s rough😂

    1. Yes exactly, of course he’s rough – but yes, l have had an idea, as to whether anyone could sort it remains to be seen 🙂 Beckie suggested Eve, l might drop her a message later 🙂

    1. Could you make a skirt from them as in personally? Would there be enough fabric, or do you mean in support of fabric as mixing fabric and the neck ties together to make one mixed fabric piece?

        1. Oh right, wow so you are a seamstress Suzi – l shouldn’t be surprised – you are very crafty. Yes, l can see edge to edge working very well indeed 🙂

          I am guessing then with the length of the the ties as well they would help enormously in so far as the spiralling effect for a skirt?

          1. I try my best! I’m more experimental than anything! Yeah, the shape of the ties would work really well for a skirt! Xxx

            1. Well l tell you what Suzi, if you think you could do that, you can have them, with only one clause. That when you repurpose them, and make your skirt – make a post? That would be awesome.

              You see l could try and find a repurpose recycle unit, may never see them again, or they could end up in cloth weight heap. But the skirt sounds really funky and if you think you would like to do that as a project somewhere in the future – they are yours 🙂

              1. Oh, that would be amazing!!! Only if you are sure though! And I’d definitely make a post about it!!! It’s something I’ve wanted to make for ages!!! Xxx

              2. Absolutely positive. I still have your address from the pens, so in the next few days, l will get them sorted and sent over to you 🙂

                Marvelous Suzi, that’s a brilliant outcome 🙂

              3. Nope nothing, as said Suzi, the post is sufficient and l am thrilled that they will be turned into something funky -they deserve a second life and we are no longer in the late 80’s/early 90’s market when Tie Shop rocked the high street – no, l am chuffed as peanuts 🙂

                Awesome sauce as l use to say 🙂

              4. I loved tie shop and tie rack too! The one in Paddington station was amazing!!! Thank you so much!!! You are amazing!!! Xxx

  5. My husband has a keep-sake box of “fancy work” his Mother did. Among the lovely things are a silk quilt top made from ties and a beautiful silk skirt, also made from ties. So, it can be done and I’m sure Suzi will have a lovely time making it, too!

            1. Exactly 🙂

              But more importantly they either go to people who want them or can repurpose them or recycle them to something they do want 🙂

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