Storm Riders


Storm Riders

Fine misting droplets falling upon the grass,

Blackened heavy clouds beginning to amass,

Horizon darkens as they approach,

Thundering claps closer as they encroach,

Rumblings advancing heard for miles,

Earthen defenders preparing for the hostiles,

Lightning flashes, swathing the ground below,

Striking, leaving newly formed puddles aglow,

Bristling winds threatening defenders of the bark,

Thousands of glistening shields, ready to embark,

Squalling rains hastening to the flooding fields,

Clouds clashing, grounds awaiting, refusing to yield,

Electrical menaces, swirling amidst all the carnage,

Whistling elements coming together in a rage,

Mother nature aware of all dire consequences,

On those with little or unprepared defences,

Eerily threatening tunes both high and low,

Commence their battle cries on the tired below

She can do nothing but observe, not interfere,

Not now that the storm riders are here!

© Rory Matier 2012

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