Truly Inspired – Series 3 – Are You Interested?

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To date we have interviewed 76 bloggers over 2 seasons about their writing and the inspiration behind their blogs … what motivates them to continue to do what they do time after time.

  Season 3 of the Truly Inspired series begins next month [July] – which means that some questions from Seasons 1 and 2 will be added to NEW questions for the third season of this popular series. Each new season sees new questions asked and this new season will be no different. It always boils down to what actually inspired you to start blogging?


What Inspires You To Write The Way You Do?

I love words, l love writing, l love reading others’ words and their writing, but what inspires us to write, to put pen to paper [or keypad], to ply our art, to capture moments in time, or days ahead of where we are, to quill to parchment – what motivates us to write, display, blog, poetise, photograph or draw – what inspires us to be the way we are and how we choose to express ourselves to not just ourselves but others?


This series is a blog interview series. If you would like to take part please email me at  with Truly Inspired in your title and request a Truly Inspired Interview questionnaire. I will email one out to you. All you need do is complete the answers and should you wish to, add up to six images if you think they award depth to any of your answers.

I will write up your answers in the interview format and post to the blog. I will notify you that the post is live via both email and direct to one of your posts. Every Interview will hold the A Guy Called Bloke Interview Seal.

Every month after that l will promote your interview to my readership.

There is no charge for this service, it is all part and parcel of the Blogger Reviewer feature which concentrates on and celebrates the community here in WordPress.

Thanks for reading … Rory

Would any of you be interested in a Season 3 Truly Inspired Interview?

Let me know below in the comments section please…

20 thoughts on “Truly Inspired – Series 3 – Are You Interested?

    1. Well it isn’t about writing specifically Ribana – mostly about blogging 🙂

      I send you a questionnaire. I have your email from the pens, so l will send you out a questionnaire when l have designed series 3 🙂

      1. Haha your interview questions would have to be fully professional to garner the attention of a celebrity like myself lol. Plus if you didn’t read my last blog then how could I answer any questions 😙

    1. Hey Niki – l will be creating the Season 3 questions this week, once they are done, if you would like l will drop you a noter and then ask if you would like to be involved with Season 3 🙂

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