I Just Wanted To Say

I Just Wanted To Say

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Saturday it is then – start to the weekend – so make sure you make the most of it and have fun!

Quote of the Day

“The way  to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

Walt Disney

Top 5 Tracks Dedication Requests

Top Five Tracks Dedication Directory

Top 5 Tracks is just that – your top five choices from one of your favourite singers or groups? Just tell me who below and l will dedicate five tracks to you from your favourite artist! Also in addition to suggesting and requesting an artist, please include one of your favourite songs and l will of course include this in the Top 5 Line up for you.

Today’s selection is for Angie of King Ben’s Grandma who through a certain pooch requested some strange noises from beneath the ground and eyeliner? Well okie dokies then Grandma – all yours! Have a great weekend starting with a fabulous Saturday Angie – From Scrappy and Me.

So what are your Five Tracks Goin’ To Be Then?

Come on, it’s easy just let me know below!

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21 thoughts on “I Just Wanted To Say

  1. Thanks for the tunes! I think something got lost in the translation between Scrappy and you😂
    I hope your Saturday is going well. Mine’s a bit bumpy since Sophie mistook me for a scratching post while I was sleeping.😵 Did you know cats could fly?😉😂

      1. The song and the band are correct but I was going for her “beats” which usually has more than one band. Not “wrong”, just different than intended maybe? I like it however it comes out.👍💌

        1. Ah, well l can explain that … you see Scrappy has every intention of displaying your beat list next week anyway, l sort of nabbed E&TB for you for this morning’s choice 🙂

        2. She did actually want me to ask you a question for her? She has just designed her new Legacy Pet Interview question form, and wanted to know if she sent it to Zeus if he wouldn’t mind perusing it with Swen?

            1. Coolio 🙂 She will email in the next hour, currently she is deep sighing me for walk, she said she is sorry she forgot to mention Sophie .

  2. Hi, Rory! I had a really slow start this morning, and now I feel like I’m behind. Never mind that I have nowhere to be or nothing that I have to do!

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