What’s Your Top 5 Track Request?

What’s Your Top 5 Track Request?

For the I Just Wanted To Say series – who would you like to hear?

Let me know below.

Thanks Rory


12 thoughts on “What’s Your Top 5 Track Request?

  1. aaron copeland: fanfare for the common man; Tchaikovsky: 1812 overture; Sousa: stars and stripes forever; Toby Keith: courtesy of the red, white and blue; Garth Brooks: we shall be free……..there ya go.

  2. Spirit of the West: Sadness Grows; The Stone Roses: Ten-Storey Love Song; Dire Straits: Romeo and Juliet; Metallica: Sanitarium; Sting: Fields of Barley 😊 Hard to narrow it down to 5!!

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