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Have you ever wondered about ‘time’?

That just five minutes, can so easily be misused – l mean think on it 300 seconds, does not seem that long does it.

A full five minutes is just that – 300 seconds – what have you done in the last 300 seconds?

Rory Matier


“How did it get so late so soon?”

Dr. Seuss


“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”

Andy Warhol


“A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.”

Charles Darwin

21 thoughts on “Random Quotes 369#

            1. Mm, no, Random quotes is this – the first quote is something l have said in my past and then l marry it off with a quote that someone famous has said in relationship to the topic 🙂

              Everyone interprets differently of course.

              But that wasn’t said to offend – it was said to a young executive in 1998 when he asked what was the value of time and l gave him an example 🙂

              1. Oh, I know and am never offended by what you write. It was just thinking aloud. Time should be used wisely and I was wondering if I waste mine!

              2. I can answer that, there are times when l waste mine, there is procrastination and positive procrastination, l sometimes call mine the latter, the case of getting ready to be ready – l am terrible for it 🙂

                But l am working really closely with time and schedules and trying to offload my procrastination episodes and make my positive procrastination episodes just positive ha ha 🙂

              3. That’s great. I try to do my writing part as soon as possible and to schedule them. The rest of the time I spend reading and commenting on the blogs. That really can take a lot of time!

              4. Well in essence so should we all, l have become very focused on time recently for many reasons, but as l said yesterday the magic number of 8 or the 8th day as l am calling it has become an extreme focus on time and working it.

                I am this week seeing how the 8 works in the blog, there are 24 hours to one day, l have three main focus points, blog, business and life.

                As two are to be closely entwined Business and blog but not directly linked, that means l have 16, leaving 8 for life – then l am having to break down the slots of time between the 8’s and in that time l am to try and magic that into the 8th day – yeah yeah l know , you muct be thinking WHAT?? It makes sense, it sounds more complicated than it actually is, once l crack it then l can focus it, then l will have my ‘life’ schedule.

              5. Exactly – see, l just make it complicated, but being a very routinal person, in order to achieve my inner balance l have to really crunch it. When l wrote 300 seconds l asked myself ‘what have you done Rory?’ 🙂

  1. I think about how slow two minutes is every time I have to press and hold a bag on my abdomen as hard as I can to make sure it sticks and doesn’t cause a leak. Bummer!😂

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