Oopsy Daisy


Have you ever seen the film Notting Hill Starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, it’s a great film. There is a scene in there which l have linked that brings Oopsy Daisy to life! believe it or not l say this all the time, so thought it ample to show you the little poem l dedicated to it years ago.

Oopsy Daisy!

It’s not that l am unlucky per se,
Fate and destiny serve me well,
But l am a bit of a clumsy beast,
Like a devil in accident-prone hell!

Matters not either, how careful l try to be,
Caution seems to float past my head,
With disaster following rather quickly!
From as far back as my memory serves,

Surrounded l have been by mishaps,
Like someone above wants me to get my just desserts,
Or perhaps God wants me kidnapped,
By aliens who might like to probe,

Deep inside my careless mind,
To discover if my frontal lobe,
Is present completely and utterly all the time!
Falling into holes, slipping over rocks,

Being chased by nutty squirrels,
Wiring up badly and burning with the shock,
Running, jumping and falling flat on hurdles!
Tragedy always follows me wherever l go,

Matters not really, how careful l am,
Gingerly stepping through life with a steady whoa!
Simply put, l am an accident prone man!
Emotionally, personally, physically,

Intellectually, all the same,
Accidents, mishaps, disasters fundamentally,
If it can go wrong, it’s my claim to fame!
Dropping into monsoon drains,

And carried out to sea,
I know it sounds insane,
But it always happens to me,
Getting to the point, that it looks deliberate,
Trying to get attention maybe,
Don’t think so in all honesty, it just predates,
On me, like a dirty great disability!

Bouncing out of the saddle of a galloping horse,
And eating half the countryside,
Swallowing my teeth and buggering my jaws,
Not mentioning what it did to my insides,

Russian roulette might be luckier,
One bullet destined to the brain,
Would probably miss as a procedure,
And ricochet off the wall awarding me more pain,

But not death, for it would appear,
Despite all the worst that can happen,
The grim reaper l think lives in fear,
Of my soul, and finds it funnier to see me in action,

Rather than claiming me as his own,
He revels in offering me a life filled with dread,
And laughs joyously at this human cyclone,
That bangs around through his life instead,

Praying that the dangerous cycle may soon stop,
And that the words ‘Oopsy Daisy’,
Might soon end and close down like a shop
Not to be seen again … maybe,

Alas however l thinks l is doomed,
To a life of bangs, scrapes, breaks and close shaves,
And that from my birth l have been groomed,
By some mischievous imp who was seriously depraved!

Relishing in the sad factor, that there is always one,
Who has to have their pathway,
Lined with disasters, accidents and unlucky fun,
Not forgetting the term Oopsy bloody Daisy!

© Rory Matier 2012

31 thoughts on “Oopsy Daisy

  1. Yes, I was surprised to learn that clumsiness could be an autistic trait. Today, I knocked over a pot of plant in the office, fortunately, nothing was broken and as for the plant, I am not even sure if it’s still alive in the first place 😂

  2. I love that movie! And I am a klutz but, heck, so what? Lol! It never limit me in chasing adventure – we just enjoy the injury and should be able to laugh at our own clumsiness and everything will be fun and okay. Lol!

  3. I’m not actually on the spectrum but I do seem to share many of the traits.
    Gravity gets wonky in my vicinity. Inanimate objects like to come alive and jump out at me. I’m often saying “where did that bruise/scrape come from?” I’ve learned to laugh about it all.😂

  4. When I was 8-years-old I was playing tag with some friends and I tripped over a stick and broke my wrist! Now I’m 33-years-old and we’ll skip the other bones that I’ve broken, but I’m still friends with those I played tag with all those years ago, and they call me “Grace,” because, ya know, I’m so graceful! Ha ha. Many of my clothes are stained from spilled food and drinks, I have random bruises from walking into walls, doors, and just the other day I cut my toe on a rock! It used to really bother me, but now I just laugh about it. It’s a part of who I am, I can’t change it, and fortunately, my husband finds it endearing (not that I hurt myself, but that I can laugh at myself,) I guess he also finds my imperfections cute…. I don’t know, I think he’s insane! Lol.

  5. I was accident prone as a kid but grow out of it but now I can’t go into a china shop for I might own it before I leave. 😂


  6. Thank you for sharing this. I too am a walking accident. I can trip over nothing. If something bad were to happen it happens to me. My hands is still healing from my latest accident.

    1. It’s both Gary, l also have dyspraxia so can relate, but it walks hand in hand with autism anyway – the secret is to not just live with it, but see it as a gift – ha ha that one l am still working on 🙂

      There are many, many reasons why l am not as adventurous as l once was – l have learned lessons 🙂

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