Ooh Tickle Me Do!!!!!!

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“If you are easily offended by the mention of sexual fetish, look away now!”

Ooh Tickle Me Do!!!!!!


Trust me, l could write of sexual pleasures, all night,
And to those not easily offended, that’s alright,
But if a writer really wants to carnally explore,
Then certain subjects must be styled hard-core!
What turns you on; l mean really turns you on?
Do your hidden fantasies give you the horn?
The art of making love can be a fantastic experience,
Done right, not hurried, it’s like a drug induced trance,

Some say that a loving delicate caress is enough,
Twilighting fingers dancing down your spine with touch,
Spine tingling feathers tracing the curves of your form,
Might be sufficient to start making you warm,
And yes, this too can do it for me as well,
But at times l likes to deviate sideways to make me swell,
I don’t need to facilitate the features of home porn,
Imagination and experience alone keep me away from the norm!


Seeing my Goddess shimmering adoringly in sexy attire,
Will start to make me simmer, and slowly juice my desires,
Tightly fitting bodice, high heels and long gloves will do,
Accentuating all her finely featured beautiful curves true,
Will make me tremble excitedly and want to take her then,
Should she so move erotically, l will take her again!
What makes couples, lovers and players spice it up,
Is the ability to act in and out of the depravation cup!

For many foreplay is simply not and never enough,
Neither is the act of exploring all the sensory hot stuff,
Sexually orientated desiring lovers wanting to feel heat,
Sampling forbidden fruits and searching for all that’s sweet!
Degeneracy inspired lusting titled simply fetish!
Passionate discoveries into the fantasy list wish,
Rocking their worlds’ into a sexual revolution,
Carnally diving deeper, into seductively filled oblivion!


To simply state nowadays ‘Fuck me like a rabbit!’
Hardly delightful pillow talk, but fine if it’s not the normal habit!
But should you wish to incite sexually depraved incineration,
Leading to an incredible night of nonstop penetration,
Then it will do you no harm what so ever, to tickle the fancy,
Meaning that you will now enter the world of risk and the chancy,
Unleashing your wildest lust filled dreams and heated desires,
Sexually challenging you to reach the ultimate climaxing higher!

What inspires you to be wicked and downright naughty?
Paddling sex kittens, attired as parlour maids, make you haughty,
Spanking is always seen by some as amorously delightful fun!
Nothing beats hearing the squeals and cries as one smacks’ the bum!
Bent over the desk, begging nay imploring for mercy,
Prior to gratuitous coupling and damsel moaning in gramercy!
Taken from behind in a frenzied recreation of animals mating,
Seen by many to be normal behaviour but still finely tasting!


Maybe bling is your ultimate pleasurable delicacy,
Pierced body parts, prerequisites to driving you crazy!
Nipples, tongues, belly buttons and other such genitalia,
Scantily clad loving, anointed in other exotic regalia,
Feeling skin against skin with the occasional ‘chink’
Enough to drive you nuts and bring you closer to the brink!
Slivering tongue brushing down your stimulated trunk,
Bringing you both upwards and aggressing your spunk!

Is your inner depraved soul craving material?
Leather, rubber, vinyl and latex enticing your desire venereal,
Pornographically arousing the poisonous anticipations,
Bringing to mind bad boy and girl sexual appetising intoxications,
Tightly fitting cat suits, gimp masks, thongs and strap-ons!
Shiny teases glittering within the twinkling eyes of revealing zones!
Taunting each other, beckoning each other, making out on the couch!
Animated and aroused further by the squeaks and scrapes of covered touch!


Drowning in your lurking realms of fetished adventurous romance,
Perhaps your passion lies in body parts, breasts, feet and hands?
Or even masquerading within your darker depths, other mystiques,
Long lacquered fingernails scratching your back, even lipsticks,
Smudged upon the face, adulterated sex with a working girl?
Or other wallowing’ within your dirty abyss like pearls?
Showering in the golden waters of absolute submission!
Takes all styles of tainted loves to enjoy even voyeurism!

Honestly apart from my earlier desiring of heels and bodice,
Am not so heavily into fetish sex, foreplay and tantric sex is nice!
Caressing and feather like touches upon soft lithe skin,
Is where l would begin, tenderly kissing leading to further sin,
Gently taking the loving experience to all new highs,
Sensing my partner’s needs and demanding sexual desires,
Attending to the affections of an incredible night passionately,
Is all that is really needed to tickle my fancy!

© Rory Matier 2012


19 thoughts on “Ooh Tickle Me Do!!!!!!

    1. Hey Ana lol!

      Over 60, nope 55 in May.
      Submissive, nope not my style at all 🙂

      I blame you for this, it was the greasy wrappers that sparked me up! I thought, l know time for the naughty box poetry to make entry!! Boom Boom!

      Thanks for the Rblog 🙂

      1. Oh, damn damn damn DAMN! 58.

        Wait — WOT?!?!?! MY humble little merely over-obvious tantric greasy lubri– I mean, food wrapper contribution helped burp (JEEZE, I keep doing that!) — I mean, BIRTH that total masterb — ah, piece?…

        I’m bo- HO-nored! 😃😄😅😆

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