Be the Change… – Life Lessons from Around the Dinner Table

This is the last paragraph of Kristian’s post …

The next time you feel insignificant, or that your voice does not matter, please remember that one woman from a small area spoke up and her voice was heard. Not only did she help her county, she helped her state, and her entire country! Speak up, be loud, be heard my friends!! YOU are NOT insignificant, YOUR voice matters, YOU matter, YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!

This is an awesome achievement and one that is worthy of Fandango’s Provocative Question of the Day l feel …..

What do consider to be the highlight of your life so far? Do you think it’s something that you might be able to exceed in the future?

It may not be a highlight of life, but it is an achievement that needs highlighting and praising l feel.

Somewhat astonished that Kristian didn’t receive many responses, when l think she needs a wholesome round of applause for her efforts.

This is a classic example of just not simply accepting what Big Brother says you have to accept – that your voice alongside other likeminded voices can be heard – but you have to raise it – remember folks, there are indeed times when the ‘word is mightier than the sword!’

Pop on over to her post and have yourself a read.

Way to go Kristian, way to go!

Be the Change You Wish to See in the World!

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