The Glut’eth Begin’eth!

The Glut’eth Begin’eth!

Scrappy decided to perform her role as fourpawson to her dad’s gardening exploits last night – she assisted where she could and examined my tools – basically the hose, although she declined from entering the greenhouse as there is little room in there once l am in with the watering cans and the plant life which it seems there is a battle for supremacy between the avocado, twin tomato’s and twin cucumbers!

IMG_0657 (2)

The twin cucumbers had to be pruned into position as they are currently trying to overtake everything and everyone whilst impersonating triffids! The nearest pepper had a tendril into it and so that had to be snipped off at the bud.

IMG_0654 (2)

Overall this week l am very pleased with how the greenhouse has taken off growth wise. The peppers are starting to take shape and a smidgen of colour is just starting to appear on the skins, although a lot of fruit’s finally making its appearance on many of the plantings, many still seem to be in stages of dwarfism.

IMG_0655 (2)

Not that it truly matters with the peppers as said they are producing a crop, so all is well. So better to have something rather than total redundancy in plants.

IMG_0656 (2)

The avocado is impressing me immensely as that has literally grown an extra foot since l first made mention to it’s increasing size a couple of episodes ago. It’s holding its own as well sitting between twin toms and cuuks. It’s really loving it’s new position in life. I think it’s trying to become a tree  before this season has finished!

IMG_0659 (2)

However the overzealous cucumber plants or what l now term as cuuks are seriously racing for top position in the greenhouse space and shooting tendrils out at 5 a penny every day. This had to be pruned, and retied and redraped. I think l may have to apply a new and taller cane tonight. But it is now flowering very nicely indeed, so shant be long before the first signs of fruiting starts.

IMG_0732 (2)

The toms also are increasing in both size and bush and their first fruits have just appeared. All are now flowering beautifully.

IMG_0733 (2)

Someone emailed me the other day and asked what the bush/tree was beside the potato plants? That’s our hazelnut tree, although it hasn’t really ever produced an edible crop. It has these crazy or as l am ‘now’ led to believe it is termed cra cra cray cray twisty branches.

IMG_0660 (2)

I trimmed back the horseradish plant  and am now, having inspected within the barrel more determined than ever before to harvest off some of our roots and make our sauce this year. I very much doubt anyone in this household will be able to stomach the effects of it for too long without spending an eternity in the toilet! It is going to be an absolutely mind numbing head rocking sauce in strength, but should make some nice Christmas presents for some.

Quite possibly l can see Suze’s brother who we nickname Desperate Dan from the comic The Dandy due to his sheer size – he is this big lovable giant of a man who with his long redlocks would look better suited in a kilt – which strangely enough he does wear and yes, it suits him!

IMG_0736 (2)

I do hope that our apricot tree brings itself into full fruition this season, as it has what appears to be a bumper crop on the branches and as you can see they are just starting to colour up. “Technically” however the fruit should already be in the stage of harvesting, but it is running late like so many of the crops this year, strange behaviour indeed, but a state of today’s climate l wager to add. There is quite a glut of fruit on both the apricot and the plum trees. We have an actual peach tree, but it’s diseased.

IMG_0741 (2)

Time will tell for all, although even the plums are behind in their colouring especially ours which when we first started to rent here, which was July/August 2016 they had not just a full crop but a very lush crop to boot. It was indeed the last time we saw and enjoyed a pickable crop.

The rest of the garden is now in full growth mode from the potatoes to the marrows to the strawberries to the courgettes.

IMG_0705 (2)

“Right this is the hose then?”

“That’s right Scraps, the hose, that thing you keep forgetting is the on ground and every time it moves you jump!”

“Mm, indeed, right, got you! Carry on dad.”

IMG_0690 (2)

Once the potato flowers die off they will be ready for digging up, and as l thought would be the case, that’s to happen when Suze is back. We could be set for a good yield from these this year, we also have quite a nice glut.

After what seemed to be ages, the two tom plants at the back of the garden were finally able to be caned. I gave in recently and starting using the tom feeder on some of the plants that l felt needed a bit of a push. During a call with the boss, l asked her and she agreed that it wouldn’t do them any harm. In truth it worked with the toms as l think it awarded them a bit more of a supplement than the compost and natural elements were awarding them alone.

In this bed we have very little, but we do have also two cuuks, although one is caned the other has yet to catch up with growth. But the beetroots have survived their leaf cutting, have a new leaf foliage and are doing very nicely for themselves, so much so that l think we will plant more next year.

The beans are progressing along nicely now, but there are many different sizes of fruit present as you can see by the photos. I remember this time last year all plants had just started to be harvested and carried on for a good few weeks before we finished their season off. But like everything else, l think the beans will be a later crop.

Strangely enough we have had one of the dwarf beans survive and that is now in full flower.

The outdoor toms are also in various growth stages, but green fruit has started to appear which is excellent news, although we do have five plants that are still struggling but, flowering, so all good.

The strawberries have been the real warriors of this season, third  year in and have produced a remarkable yield. Recently l remembered that we were were also growing woodland strawberries and had been forgetting to harvest them. They are deliciously small and incredibly tasty. The four tubs have been awarding terrific quanties all season.

We have a trio of Tomatillo, not too sure if you are aware of this plant. I did plant one out in 2017, not realising that you needed to plant them in pairs as they pollinate each other. So the first year we only had empty husks, this year we should have fruit. Suze and l are looking forwards to enjoying this crop, so l do hope it goes to plan. Sadly we couldn’t get any of our Cucamelons to seed properly this year and they are just to die for, so it would be nice to see the tommy’s yield a produce for the table.




But as said our own trio of Tommy’s are looking very grand indeed.

IMG_0678 (2)

IMG_0664 (2)

“Yep, you carry on dad, you are doing well, carry on.”

Some of the cucumbers that are outside have now also decided to join the garden race in so far as … well actually grow and more importantly, grow to the point they can be caned!

IMG_0715 (2)

The courgettes and marrows are coming along very nicely indeed. I had quite the harvest last night and more fruits are now starting to growth spurt which is excellent as my neighbours found out this morning when they received their home grown goodies.

For a couple of hours last night, Madam la Scrappy and l enjoyed being outside and attending to the vegetable garden and the garden itself and below is the result of that pleasant time and labour. 11 assorted marrows and courgettes.

IMG_0726 (2)

Thanks for reading everyone, till the next time …

It’s bye for now from me and a Tootlepip from Doodlepip

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20 thoughts on “The Glut’eth Begin’eth!

  1. How pretty they all look. I am feeling envious of all the fresh produce you guys will be harvesting.

            1. Thank you, l have that thing happening again when loads of comments appear all at once l have one from Salted Caramel from hours ago, that has just appeared out of nowhere, so l will get to it shortly Sadje 🙂

  2. Wow! That’s impressive! I love fresh zucchini. My mom used to have tons of it in her New Jersey garden and began making loads of creative recipes with it. I didn’t mind. Scrappy is a very serene supervisor. 😀

    1. Hey Paula, yes Zuccinis/Courgettes when fresh are great, we use them here in salads as raw, or stewed or fried in stir fries, they are very versatile and as for the marrow aaww yum, l love making stuffes marrow boats or marrow stuffed slices, very very nice indeed 🙂

      They say that one courgette plant per person [ha ha someone should tell suze] is supposedly enough.

      As to Scrappy, yes she takes her role of fourpawson very seriously indeed, but at the same time, very laid back – almost chilled 🙂

      1. Yes! My mom stuffed them with hamburger and tomato and then melted cheese on top. Sorta like a zucchini pizza lol.

        Hugs to the Scrappy one! 💖

    1. It’s a proper lot of work is the correct term you are looking for – l pretty it up in posts and use the words ‘garden’, vegetables, harvest – the real words “Oh grief l have to water this lot again lol!”

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