Starting Soon – Doodlepip’s Interviews

Doodlepip’s Interviews Starting Soon

Hey All ….

In the interim period, l would love to hear from any K9’s and F9’s [Felines] and of course petz who would love to be interviewed for the new series and to tell us about their lives in a bit more detail. Please leave a comment below.

Scrappy Doodlepip

me two

43 thoughts on “Starting Soon – Doodlepip’s Interviews

  1. When the shelter finally releases Crumpet from her prison and she gets settled in, I’ll ask her if she wants to participate 🙂

    1. Yes, and Scrappy and l are sadly very behind with trying to get the new form for other Petz released, we have Betty’s Lola to think of as well as Ashley’s Guinea Pigs and Now your own Peanut Parrot to boot, the list is slowly building! 🙂

  2. When Pudge and Ziggy are more comfortable, they’d both volunteer. But right now they’re still training me to their schedules, and next week is going to be traumatic for both of them as the ‘big snip’ is happening. So maybe in April, they’ll be up to an interview! 🙂

  3. Freja says that she’s in 😉 I told her that we have to finish filling up the other questionnaire you previously sent me, but if you want to send us the feline interview form, I’ll check it out with her! (She’s very excited, she does enjoy being in the spot light :P)

    1. Scrappy would probably say she looks more like Mummy and Dora looked like me. But then who knows, she can be so finnickity at times, she would agree but say she is better looking even older than me as she is 🙂

  4. I already did an interview with you, but If you’re still looking for stories I can definitely tell you a great story about my German Shepherd and the 500 birds that we have in California.

    1. Hey Farhad, well this particular series you are looking at is an interview series that the dog holds with the interviewer [We both know we have to help our dogs with the writing up], but if your German ashepherd would like to do an interview in their words, they are more than welcome to be be interviewed.

      I will show you our last one, so you get an idea of what the ‘dogs’ normally say 🙂

      K9 Interviews – Ziggy & Pudge 72

      1. fee line is as much of a pun as K 9. If you intend to write stuff, you have to learn to catch things like that. I always make reference like that

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