Dash, Splash and Lashings to It All!

Dash, Splash and Lashings To It All!

We search for answers to hidden questions,
As much as we question the hidden,
I too am no different to the suggestion,
That perhaps we should leave alone the forbidden,
But to do that, to ignore what must be seen,
Is to allow the unknown to run amok within our minds,
And the scientist within considers that obscene!
It’s our duty to disclose all our finds!

Alas however, l feel that perhaps this time even l,
May have gone a little bit too far?
Handfuls of this and that, also the other nearby,
Dash of the unusual, a smidgen of the bizarre,
Healthy lashings of that strange glowing liquid,
The one that says don’t use,
Labelled dangerous and somewhat restricted,
Not to be abused!

Mm, l fear, l may have overdone my lashings,
One dash too many perhaps,
Maybe,  possibly, it should have been splashing’s,
… you see, to avoid uncertain mishaps!
I didn’t set out to become one of the actual hidden,
Admittedly, that was purely accidental,
Now l can’t even see what it was l had written,
To reverse what had simply been experimental!

© Rory Matier 2019


Image by FidlerJan

In response to Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge: #21

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  1. You did a fine job with that, Rory, both the words you wrote and the filter you used on the original image. Bravo! 👏

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