Ladders In The Wind – Perfect Moments


Ladders In The Wind
Perfect Moments

How many of us miss that wonderful opportunity?
Of witnessing the purest in tranquillity?
It is so easily done, to not see what is perfect,
Shaping right before our very eyes with mesmerising effect!

The perfect moment is here with me right now,
Blustering winds whistling through empty boughs,
Volatility stirring across the darkening skies,
An insatiable hunger not being disguised!

Skylight windows shuttering with a passion,
Promising more than the current ashen,
Darkness, faded coloured hues further dilute down
Warning as sapphires and heavy mauves frown,

Restlessly reveal hostile takeovers on the line,
Nervousness present within the air all the time!
Observing as l am, and watching the storm enhance,

Accompanied with a background of new trance,
Musical tones and approaching weathers unified as one,
Appetite now whetted as the winds do come,

Marching feet upon ground as the rains arrive,
Together now the coupling does thrive!
Quiet she has been for most of this season,
Vengeance is hers and hers alone for no other reason!

Entranced, watching the recipe blending weather,
Shadow dancers of elements crashing together,
Musically creating mighty ladders in the wind,
She’s here for the night with no pity for mankind!

© Rory Matier 2012

11 thoughts on “Ladders In The Wind – Perfect Moments

  1. Very interesting poem. Not entirely sure if it’s about seizing the moment of an impetuous one-night stand, or admire the terrifying force of a storm. Either way, great!

    1. Indeedy, or maybe it’s about having a one night stand in the sea during a violent storm, nothing beats getting wet eh ha ha 🙂

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