Rescheduling the Scheduling


Rescheduling the Scheduling

I personally believe l have mild OCD or to the layman Obsessive–compulsive disorder, although l also have Asperger’s Disorder or Syndrome, whichever you prefer. There is an argument going that you can’t have both and really the secret is to realise that you just need to differentiate between them and that they share similiarities. There are four main types of OCD; Contamination and washing, Doubts about harm, Symmetry and numbers and thoughts of taboo and ritual that are considered unacceptable by many. The reason there is at times a doubt whether you can have both is because of the rituals and traits of repetitiveness found in autism, next to unusual behaviours and sometimes a restricted interest with certain topics.

Now l was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in 2008, and with DSM 5, l was then umbrellaed under the same roof as autism 2013. Which basically jumbled everything up. Additionally l was officially diagnosed with Bipolar disorder in 2004. Which can comorbid with Asperger’s – so who knows if it’s just the Asperger’s and all the behaviours with that or if l do have OCD and Asperger’s l don’t know officially and l am damned if l can be bothered to find out, now at my age.

What l do know is that at times l can be an annoying pedant when it comes to certain topics or subjects – so don’t worry folks l already know that. Other times l am like a dog with a bone, l get an idea and l have to research it to death to know whether it is going to work or if l am going to dump it. Sometimes this behaviour works with me, and other times it works against me, when that happens, l am the most frustrated person on the planet. I overthink things, sometimes way too deeply than is warranted, but my philosophy has always been – that if you want to try your hand at something new and you want to achieve success with it, to make it more effective then you need to be the biggest pedant in your life!

For me with whatever it is that causes me to become so fixated and frustrated is usually found within numbers or words … at my own concession .. l can be obsessive about things, and l am a bugger for intricate details at times, we already know l am too wordy! Look above – ha ha!


What l seek ……….

Anyway, for most of this year, l have been partially obsessed with getting certain things done and trying to make things balanced, which can be a nightmare for most people anyway as is, but can be an even bigger nightmare for those who really give themselves a hard time for NOT getting it right. Do not get this confused with seeking perfection – that’s not what l am looking for and that doesn’t exist anyway, what l am looking for is hopefully a harmonious equilibrium which brings us almost back to symmetry. It is one of the biggest nightmares l am currently working on with regards the subject of this post, but it is just one of three areas l seek that balance in.


…………… what l have!


…… and realistically what l would be truly happy with!!

A couple of weeks back l received an email from a friend who asked what l was using as a scheduler with my regards my blogging. Well they probably wished they had never asked, because they received a full almost 6 paragraph email back about how l had tried this and that and it didn’t work, but for the past three weeks l have been trialing a newer system, which allowed me to add to and cut out from with some ease and l was receiving happy results with and they wrote back and said maybe it was a post? So here we are.

I do not use a paid for service, l only use Microsoft Excel, and l am not advanced savvy with this application, l use it very basically. But where you see pedantics in full force is with my insistence of storing times of posting. I have come to the conclusion that in order to achieve a balance with the other two areas, l have to achieve balance first and foremost with my main posting schedule, because once that is tried and tested to complete success then and only then can l even remotely hope to achieve success on balance with the other two.

The first one l tried which lasted for around a six months or from January 2018 – July 2018 was the one below.

This one allowed to identify how time was either going to work for me or against me and in most times, l came to realise that time did indeed work against me.

The next one l used from August 2018 – middle of last month and that did really start to help me identify with ease, the problems that l was experiencing and how to overcome them.

I found that by using colours and catagories l could really start to fine tune and nail the problems l was having with my posting schedule and seeking this harmony l so desperately needed.

However it wasn’t until l created this just over three weeks ago and have been using it since that l finally nailed the culprits on their heads and identified where l was going wrong and now with this in place and all the posts that l publish in their correct catagories that l came to recognise last week, that l would be able to now take the other two problems by the horns and tackle them head on and manipulate to work for me. Today l started to work the new system, and in the last few months l have been working some of the systems into situ and being met with fails and failures, but now l think l have it.

IMG_0700 (2)

I use the colours to stimulate my brain and by breaking all the time zones up effectively over a 24 hour day and then by studying my blog stats as l have been doing for the last month l have been able to see properly where my errors began and how l can combat them.

In this final model l have 5 main catagories that encompass 34 active ‘agents’ for want of a word to describe the publishing that occurs over the course of ten weeks. This worksheet is completed daily and works as said under 5 main catagories these being: Dailies, Community, Prompts, Regular Features and Specials. Which are my main publishing genres.

For many readers this is just way too busy, or convoluted or complex or unnecessary and takes the fun out of blogging, but you know fun is derived by many things for many people. In my life l have to set routines and methodical orders to make my life more fun. Too much sudden change or unexpected change can literally induce a cold sweat to drench me in the space of five minutes. It is about control, it is about trying to control your mind, it’s about positivity, planning and establishing targets and goals and for me, well that’s great fun and a hell of an exciting challenge.

To quote a real true favourite of mine “To understand is hard. Once one understands, action is easy.” Sun Yat-Sen, Chinese Statesman.

Now that l understand the scheduler, all the action to follow is way easier and it also means l can start to see a way of really helping me with the other two problem areas, it’s always all about planning and in this case, time management.


Now l know a lot of people use schedulers, probably like this and just as many and even more, do not. However how about you, how do you plan your day post wise, is it orderly, as and when or ?

Let me know below – thanks. Rory

22 thoughts on “Rescheduling the Scheduling

  1. If I tried to schedule any part of any day I would be a frustrated, angry mess! My journey through chronic pain & work comp taught me that control is something I have to COMPLETELY let go of. It was NOT an easy lesson. It took many years of banging my head against the wall, but it turns out I CAN actually learn😉. I have to just go with the flow and trust my strengths and instincts. I mostly do okay. Every time I try to grab the reins again I get a gentle, or not so gentle, reminder to let go.

    I’m glad you’ve found a process that works. Solving the problem is a big part of the fun for you, I imagine. I wish I could have structure like that, but I’ve beaten my poor noggin enough!💌

    1. Hey Grandma, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, l am first to admit and sometimes l wish l didn’t have to go through all these bloody rituals to get through a day – l am sure you can relate to that – this one had to be cracked so l could find peace with the other two otherwise l would be with you banging my head against a brick wall – those other two are trying to find balance between reading and writing – it seriously causes me stress and that’s not fun. A lot of people wouldn’t get that nor understand, a lot on the spectrum would though 🙂

  2. I schedule the first three posts a day before, but these could be on any topic or prompt. I write one in the morning when I have all the prompts and try to use them in one post!

      1. Yes, but there are days when I am busy and don’t have time to write the posts for scheduling. That’s when time is tight!

  3. A harmonious equilibrium, oh I wish I could reach it too…🤪
    Well, I do schedule my posts but I only have one per day…I rarely manage to do more than one, in case of awards or other challenges…my one post is going out at the same time everyday and honestly I never thought to change the timing and check the status…I have so little time in writing my posts that checking the status comes last…😲🤪
    Scheduling the posts is working for me as when I find a few minutes per day I try to write them…
    I’m glad you found the way that is working for you! Now let me know when you find the way for time management too 🤪😊😉

    1. Hey Ribana, that’s what l am working in from this week, the Main schedule is the backbone to hopefully the two prime problems l am trying to find balance in – writing my content and reading other’s content. The configuration that wasn’t included in this post, is very complex – well it is and it isn’t – it is to someone who works a smaller writing pattern due to time constraints or prefers spontaneity because it may or may not make sense. But to someone who does write a lot it might make more sense, everything always falls back to time.

      We say ‘we never have the time to do that’, l am guilty of that, so l worked an equation in that says Rory Shutup, you do have the time, you just have to manage it more effectively’, which is what this new equation is all about.

      If it works,then l will be thrilled and l’ll let you know 🙂

      1. Lately I’m keep complaining that I don’t have time even if I believe I use it effectively, but I’m afraid I miss something as I still struggle with writing my posts and reading the others…
        If if works, you are a genius Rory! 😉😊

  4. Except for my prompts (daily FOWC, weekly flash fiction photo challenge, weekly provocative question, and Friday Flashback), which are scheduled in advance, my posts are spontaneous based upon prompts, politics, or whatever else strikes my fancy at the moment.

  5. My biggest problem is finding a nuff time to read and comment on other people’s blog as I follow a lot.


    1. That’s one of the biggest problems everyone faces l feel, it’s a problem l also have, and one of the ‘other’ problems l have been referring to with regards the scheduler. So l have had to make changes to try and create this 50/50 Harmonious balance between writing my own content and reading others content. I am trying the new scheduler fully today and from this point working it in and hopefully, always back to hope – it will start to sort that out 🙂

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