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“Problems arise because of the problems that arose, when the problems were rising!

Don’t let anyone -ANYONE- tell you different.

And remember that you heard it here first on Wolly Wolly Bulu radio!

So on that note, l may at times appear to be crazy as a loon, but you know what? It stops me from going insane.

May the wolly wolly bulu be with you!”

Rory Matier


‘Crazy’ is a term of art; ‘Insane’ is a term of law. Remember that, and you will save yourself a lot of trouble.

Hunter S. Thompson

19 thoughts on “Random Quotes 366#

    1. Oh right ‘cra cra’ so instead of jus’ saying crazy, you’re now hearing ‘cra cra?’

      Well go figure that, even crazy is now setting trends!

            1. Neither am l am just being totes cra cra 🙂

              However what it was saying was Right, Seems anything is acceptable these days eh?”

              Totes cra cra, no?

  1. Wolly Wolly Bulu to you as well sir😂Whenever
    Whenever I see something by Hunter S Thompson I always wonder what kind of writer he would’ve been without all the mind-altering experiences. Would he have been a writer?
    Sajde is right, it’s all cray cray!😂

      1. With Millennials, it’s easier to just accept and not question.😵😂 The different spelling may be regional or for pronunciation clarity…*shrug*

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