I Miss That


I Miss That

I have been down recently this is true,
Been in the black and not just the blue,

I found a love that made me feel euphoric,
Passions arose in me that were prehistoric,

I was just so unbelievably ecstatic,
That for a while l was completely erratic,

Then a few fears stepped within,
And a slight amount of chagrin,

Sometimes it comes with a love so intense,
Oft seen as a sign of defence,

I meant no true harm to the heart,
It was just that we were apart,

A distance so wide and so great,
Can be seen as a burden or a weight,

We needed our quality time together,
But were separated by the weather,

It seems so many years ago for me,
That l recall being relaxed or happy,

Feeling that it was good to be me again,
And l cannot remember the last time when,

Which is not entirely all that true,
For the last time, was when l was with you,

I miss that, oh so very much,
The way our hearts touched.

© Rory Matier 2012

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