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In his post, Renard highlights why some people might be afraid to start a blog. I found it, like l find most of Renard’s content a thoroughly engaging read. As you know Suze has wanted to start a blog for many months and despite my encouragement and motivation she still declines for a few of the poignant reasons that Renard highlights.

I had been a guest writer in several blogs for a couple of years previous to starting my own blog here. Many a time friends and other writers had suggested starting a blog on of all things ‘Gold Making in World of Warcraft’, but as a subject whilst l didn’t mind guest writing on other blogs it wasn’t something l felt l needed to do, l couldn’t see the point for starters  – ‘What have l got to add to a world that has a million blogs already? I used to say to people. I also used to say ‘Where’s the fun in that endeavour?’

Ironically when l did start a blog, l actually did so for indirectly for the wrong reasons, but directly, it was for the right reason. These days l am proactive in my blog, l do so because l want to take the bull by the horns. I started the blog in reactive mode to a time in my life which was in many ways inactive. These are three distinct phases, but upon starting to blog and understanding what it was offering me personally as personal development, well now l am sadly an addictive blogger – however, l am working on that.

Another top notch post from Renard, so if you know anyone that wants to blog and comes up with all sorts of reasons to not blog, show them this post with an encouraging elbow jolt! I have book marked it for Suzanne  for when she gets back.


Why Is It That Some People Are Afraid Of Blogging?

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  1. Nothing against Suze, but if people really don’t think they have anything interesting to say, maybe they’re better off staying on FB.

  2. My blog was started so I could comment to other bloger’s on WP and it’s slowly moved forward ever sence then.


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