My Darkness Ends …



My Darkness Ends …

These eyes before me, sense the changes on the winds,
Yet those who look upon me see not the inner reflections,
But the solitude of a forgotten romantic monastic mankind,
And are dulled to a lone wolf resurrections,

My soul is on fire, torched with a brutal and naked honesty,
Relentlessly today’s child dances in the grey,
Behind the mask of misunderstandings and complexity,
Discovering ancient languages from his yesterday,

The light can be seen at the end of the long winding tunnel,
Lost cities of adulthood, enveloped in a cynical emotion,
Compromising scars of reality displaying the struggle,
A melancholy of distorted music, dishevelled and broken,

Yet, each echoing footstep in the world of the two faced,
Takes him further into the dawn of a hundred tomorrows,
A myriad, a maze of possible variables, exposed and erased,
Religiously experiencing life again like those once followed,

Sequences from established routines now set firmly into stone,
Awaiting like Excalibur to be freed from the binds of difference,
Understanding that this is who he actually is, strong but alone,
Accepting that the search is finally over, pleased with the changes,

Twin mirrors like the sands that haven fallen through the hourglass,
Show the mind that it has reached its chosen destination,
That the child of today, and like the adult from afore sees the grass,
Pastures anew await his arrival fresh from graduation.

© Rory Matier 2012


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