Musical Fun Time: W2

Musical Fun Time

W2 – G2 -S1 – 1st – 7th July 2019

Musical Fun Time is a new weekly feature – a Top [20] line-up of songs chosen by the readership …. of favourite songs, random songs, and those tunes that seemingly become stuck in our heads that we have heard somewhere and we keep whistling them, but they will … not … leave …. our heads …. alone …. songs!! But equally, for those of you who just wish to hear a song that you like, you know – those ones you hear and you think ………. “Oooh l like that!”

From Monday to Saturday each week, my readership are free to drop a comment on these posts, but do please bear in mind that they will be reblogged once every twelve hours to ensure all time zones see them. Then on the Sunday of each week our top whatever qty is displayed and published as a post!

Let me know your favourite ‘tune’  for this week and the reason you love or have chosen this tune below in the comments section please.

So far we have the following ….

So there we go folks, what’s everything wanting to listen to?

5 thoughts on “Musical Fun Time: W2

      1. Inspiration has struck (stricken?) My choice for this week is Blind Melon ~ No Rain. I love this song and always forget the band name and the name of the song. I just call it the Bumblebee Girl Song

          1. I started a playlist on my YouTube last night so finding songs would be easier. Now I’m better prepared👍
            My brain is like a car with stripped gears, it slips into neutral with no warning😵😂

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