Calling all Felines!!


Calling all Felines!!

Which Puddy Kat wants to be interviewed next?

If you are interested in purrticipaing please email me at and l will email you back with the questionnaire.

Thank you so much!

So come on by and strutt your stuff, we want to hear and read all the cool things you get up to when at home with the 2 leggeds as well as when … they’re NOT home … but you are!

Here are just three of our Feline Interviews ….

The questionnaire can be found here – see link

Meanwhile check out the Feline Katz Interview Quick Directory if you need some moti’cat’ion

Scrappy Doodlepip

28 thoughts on “Calling all Felines!!

  1. Just started following you and love the great, creative challenges and activities like this that you are driving. Congrats!

    1. Hey Inkplume – thank you for the compliment – a quick glance and l see you have a orange Tabby and a mare! Now there is a combinatio:0

      If you are tabby ever wants to take purrt in an interview then all they need do is a drop an email to Scrappy and she will send out the questionnaire. From next week, the new Petz questionnaire is ready for use so who knows maybe even the mare might like a bash.

      In the interim/meantime, thank you for following, and hopefully we will chat more in the future 🙂

  2. Rory – I am not sure why it won’t let me post my comment but I was trying to guess on your Guess The Blogger post…

    …I believe #3 is Suzanne of Ellie894

    But now the post has vanished from my Reader completely. WordPress weirdness at it’s best.

    1. Yes, yes, yes, you are spot on Mel it is indeed the lovely Ellie894 🙂

      It may have been because of the reblog, l was last night when we were chatting working on post dateds and the GTB 3 post was reblogged for a later time 🙂

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