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During my catch up this evening l popped over to Em’s great blog and l found this post from a time ago, displaying how very behind l really am in my ‘catching up’ of my favourite bloggers and it stopped me dead in my tracks  – What is self worth?

Wow, l have been very lucky in the last couple of weeks and have come across some absolutely stonking [ this means brilliant for the unknowing] questions and posts from my readership. Real thought provokers. This is no different, it’s a real make you stop in your tracks post and give it some thought, the question at the end of Em’s post is what l really pondered about.

How do you define self-worth?

I could add to that and ask – How do you define your self self-worth?

This question is something l really struggle with on a fairly regular basis – defining my self worth, mm.

I don’t know if you follow Em of Earthly Brain, if you don’t you should, and if you are already and haven’t seen this post, go check it out and then in the comments answer her question – …

What is self worth?


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