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I Just Wanted To Say

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It’s Friday and what else is that??

That’s RIGHT Folks!


Meet the TFIF Happy Friday Panda


Quote of the Day

  “If you keep on doing what you do, you will never be more than who you are right now.”

Master Shifu

Top 5 Call Out

Top Five Tracks Dedication Directory

Top Five Tracks is just that – your top five choices from one of your favourite singers or groups? Just tell me who below and l will dedicate five tracks to you from your favourite artist! Also in addition to suggesting and requesting an artist, please include one of your favourite songs and l will of course include this in the Top 5 Line up for you.

Today Beckie of Beckie’s Mental Mess wanted to grace our listening time to Don Henley and why The Friday Not? So without further ado l give you mm, Henley doesn’t rhyme with oooo … oh well – l give you he!

So what are your five Tracks Goin’ To Be Then?

We have a new line up of dedications starting to form which l shall display tomorrow. But, there is still plenty of room, and way more days for a lot more …. that’s a hint folks.

This Week In – Blog Life –

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Catching Up with my Catching Up!

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The Cure


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Blogger Recognition Award

So that’s me, but what about you?

What have you got planned for your blogs this week or have you got anything special outside your blogs this week?

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    1. Happy Friday to you too Sadje – have a great day ahead of you, l have just checked the time in sunny Seattle and see it is still early morning 🙂

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