World of Geekcraft



World of Geekcraft

Like a child l am, awaiting with pensive delights,
The next version of World of Warcraft highlights,
Patch is seemingly taking for ever and a day,
So long in fact l wonder if l will ever play,
My ever changing toons in their fantasy realms,
Clad in assorted armour, weapons, cloaks and helms.

Oh yes indeed, it’s said to be a game for the geek,
Lower aged children, and anti social freaks,
‘ Tis not true at all, nay in the slightest!
Some clever clogs play this game, the brightest,
For it is not just battling dragons and such tidings,
There are the aggressive players bashing out horrendous hidings!

Perhaps you fancy the solo type of playing,
Then the games’ environment is to be your main staying!
I have played this game for just over eight years,
Taken to adventuring and conquering my fears,
Slaying all types of monster nasties and horror,
Comes with the territory of being an armoured conqueror!

It’s true that perhaps l am a geek, or even a nerd,
In game, l am still nothing but a noob, an unlearned!
For you could play this game for many a year to come,
And still not understand all the complexities of the fun!
Still baffled l am at all the intricate statistics,
Wear this with that, and that with this, very hard analytics,

To me it’s a game that l thoroughly enjoy,
Far as l am concerned, it is a just a big mans’ toy!
Escaping into another world for an hour or four,
With modern living as it is today, hardly a chore,
Being able to dance amongst wolves or battle trolls!
Killing orcs, scourge, Undead and even Gnolls!

Yes it can be addictive and one can become obsessed,
I deny neither, l am smitten with it, this l don’t jest,
But where is the harm l ask of the reader?
To play this game to relax, it’s not a lost leader!
In game graphics are indeed work of arts,
Design teams have created imaginary cartoon styled parts! 

Pray tell, maybe you wish to be an in game entrepreneur,
Auction house riches and wealth are hardly immature!
Why you could start with a mere single silvery piece,
And within the month be the owner of the Golden Fleece!
Some have taken real time business sense and economics’
And turned these skills and talents into incredible profits!

Currently there are 90 levels of playing achievement,
From level one upward, you are engaged in hostile torment,
So to some this might be seen as childish horseplay,
But don’t scoff at it till you at least trial it for a day!
Who knows you may be a skilled player and not at all daft,
And if this is the case, then you too will enjoy World of Geekcraft

© Rory Matier 2012

8 thoughts on “World of Geekcraft

    1. Yes l know, very much so, irrelevant whether it was 2012 when this was written to 2004 when l started to even today 2019 – 15 years of playing one game is extraordinary really – but yes, once a gamer always a gamer 🙂

    1. Yes, l don’t play anymore, l have now officially been out for a month now. Walked away last month – as much as l loved the game, l was no longer enjoying it.

    1. I don’t have a mobile and don’t even have any games loaded into the computer now Carol Anne. If l need a bit of light entertainment l’ll just grab a freebie online somewhere for ten minutes like Mahjong or Tetris 🙂

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