What’s Your Second Skin Preference?

What’s Your Second Skin Preference?

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What is your ideal second skin and by this l mean that when you are buying clothing, which fabric do you find the most comfortable on your body?

Furthermore l am referring to outerwear and not underwear here.

I personally tend to prefer to wear cotton mix, mostly cotton for ease and efficiency and combined with the fact that they don’t always require ironing. But also l loved to wear bamboo, rayon, linen and hemp as well as organic cottons. Occasionally l wear wool and silk products.

As l veer into more eco organic territory l have been tending to start buying more into the hemp, organic cotton, bamboo and am currently looking into organics jute, linen, tencel and wool markets.

I prefer to wear clothing that does feel obviously more comfortable on my skin if not just feel like a second skin.

As l suffer hypersensitivity issues with many fabrics, l really look for soft products as well as clothing that doesn’t cause me undue ‘scratchiness’ on the skin. As the fashion industry slowly starts to take up the challenge of becoming more eco orientated, l do forsee that in the next perhaps ten years we will only be seeing natural clothing products on the market but at more affordable costings than the current market clime can offer today which can be offputting for many buyers.

So, what is your ideal second skin and by this l mean that when you are buying clothing, which fabric do you find the most comfortable on your body?

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24 thoughts on “What’s Your Second Skin Preference?

  1. I can’t wear wool or bunny (not that I want to wear animal fur!) because it makes me itchy scratchy. Cotton is good but it has to be soft ~ some is not. The synthetics are generally comfy but can often be cold even layered. I’m very picky, I guess, but I somehow manage to have lots of clothing!

    1. When was the last time you wore bunny fur or do you mean ears and tail 🙂

      Thanks for the input Paula – l am now wondering how Gatsby took to that costume of yours 🙂

      1. Lol! I mean angora. Sometimes they mix it into sweaters. Gatsby doesn’t like anything different. He’s an old grumpy.

  2. I do a lot of races, so I wear a lot of race shirts. When I get one that is a cotton blend, I am excited to add it to my wardrobe. When I get tech shirts, I wear them to run in, but if I already have enough running tops, the rest wind up in the donate pile.

  3. I like cotton or cotton/ linen blend. Wool can be a bit scratchy but keeps toesies warm. For leggings/yoga pants they need to have some Lycra or spandex for the stretchy.

    I haven’t tried hemp or bamboo fabrics but if they’re soft then I’m all for it.

  4. I’m still having a great deal of trouble connecting to your blog to comment Rory. That’s why you haven’t heard too much from me lately. My second skin preference? As long as it’s comfortable (not too tight) nor itchy, it’s in. I’m not too picky.

    1. Thanks Melanie, l don’t understand, what the problem is – l don’t know why you can’t comment, that doesn’t make any sense. I am not even sure how to check it out. The WP engineers said it had nothing to do with blog plans, um, l don’t know.

      I may another question of the readership. I know Sadje had a few problems, but they seemingly don’t bother her anymore.

      But you have commented here, which posts are you find difficult to comment on?

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