The Psychedelic Beehive!

The Psychedelic Beehive!

Hey, l hope you are doing well,
Thought l would drop you a line,
You know, you can never tell,
If people are okay and really fine,

Today l am wearing the socks,
I got you last year,
The ones that arrived in the box,
and gave you some good ol’ cheer,

Yeah those ones …
… colourfully vibrant and alive,
You wore them once,
Said they reminded you of a psychedelic beehive!

Well once isn’t soiled in my eyes,
I love crazy colours and designs,
Plus with me, my feet give them the exercise,
They need, which is better than being in the confines,
Of a rubbish bin somewhere, or even at the tip,
No, no, l know, you actually liked them,
You said they had a good grip,
They stuck fast in the shoes like gum!
So it’s not like you were going to discard,
Them, to some drawer and forget,
Or cast them aside, although you did hoard,
All sorts of things, but and yet,
You did like the socks l got you for your birthdays,
Each and every year without fail,
You had a good selection, l have to say!
From plains to solids, wacky patterns and intricate detail,
So, it wasn’t that was it, that stopped you,
From wearing them more than just once,
No, sadly it was something else, horribly new!
That no one saw coming that was direct and blunt!

Well, let’s not go down there just yet eh,
It’s not even been one given year,
Since you passed away …
……. Walked through the portal to another hemisphere,
Or wherever it is that you have gone,

It okay really, l just hope that maybe,
You have found peace and are happy  …
 … or happier with the earthbound release,
From a world, that you believed treated you badly,

I guess l’ll never know, it matters not,
Dad, l just wanted to drop you a line today,
To tell you despite everything, l have not forgot,
That the 3rd July is your birthday.

© Rory Matier 2019

14 thoughts on “The Psychedelic Beehive!

    1. Hey Gm, yeah, well dad and l didn’t always get on, but he was still my dad. I think things would have been perhaps better if my sister hadn’t dominated all of his time..

      Hopefully you are asleep by now 🙂

      1. Never got any sleep. I honestly don’t know how he does it. I’ll sleep after the glorious little yellow school bus comes & goes. Only two and a half hours to go.

        1. Grief, bet that is going to feel like an eternity – but l can tell you, it’s mostly to do with melatonin, we on the spectrum for some reason don’t produce enough of it, to sleep conventionally, l mean that is why l am an insomniac and a night owl, l don’t have the right balance of melatonin in my body – it’s suppose to work wonders with children on the spectrum

        2. We started giving him the melatonin supplements when he was two. We increased as he got older until we were maxed and then some. He’s on three meds right now mostly to calm him enough to focus and to sleep at night. A blood pressure med, an old school anti depressant, and an anti psychotic. He has ADHD also with heavy emphasis on the H. The typical ADHD meds make him aggresive, so they’re out.
          He got up at 5am on Tues and hasn’t slept a minute since. It’s 2:45pm Wed as I type this and he’s fine.
          He’s just Ben and we just adjust as best we can.😵😴😃

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