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Just Wanted To Say

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It’s Wednesday – and this is what else?

That’s right!



So l hope that y’all get a great deal of humping in!

Make your humping count!

Quote of the Day

“Wednesdays are like Mondays in the middle of the week!” 

Lee Fox Williams

Top 5 Call Out

Top Five Tracks Dedication Directory

Top Five Tracks is just that – your top five choices from one of your favourite singers or groups? Just tell me who below and l will dedicate five tracks to you from your favourite artist! Also in addition to suggesting and requesting an artist, please include one of your favourite songs and l will of course include this in the Top 5 Line up for you.

Now today we have Angie of King Ben’s Grandma request for you with her special song also included which is Redemption which of course can be none other than Bob Marley! Here we go Grandma, your Top Five Tracks dedication – here’s wishing you a totally awesome Hump Day!

So what are your five Tracks Goin’ To Be Then?

Drop your requests below folks and l’ll sort them out, now we do have some requests and they’ll appear from tomorrow!

This Week In – Blog Life –

We Have The Following!


Catching Up with my Catching Up!

Theme Times Bios …..

The Clash

The Cure

Steve Martin for both Paula of Light Motifs II and  Beckie of Beckie’s Mental Mess

Samuel L Jackson


The Positive Brain – Part 1

The Changing Face  – Part 3 : Seasonal Events

Random Quotes #362

The Grumblies – Episode 4 [Finally]

321 Quote Me – Hope

Question Fun – The Silliest Questions

Blogger Recognition Award

So that’s me, but what about you?

What have you got planned for your blogs this week or have you got anything special outside your blogs this week?

9 thoughts on “I Just Wanted To Say

  1. Good morning JB and thanks for Irie tunes! Ben has not gone to sleep yet, so I’m awake at 2:06am PDT. I needed some Bob Marley (or maybe what he’s smoking😉😂) Question: are the other four Marleys your faves or random choices? I’m not a cat so I can be curious.

    I plan to give myself a pep-talk later, gather my courage and attack the closet where the picture box is hiding so I can complete my Angie’s Turbulent Teens ~ Grand Theft post.

    Happy Humping!

    1. Hey Grandma, whilst l liked Bob Marley, l wasn’t a huge follower l remember many years ago getting an album and the three songs in addition to yours were on there. The live concert l just thought might be of interest. There were so many l could have added, but with just 5 tracks it’s hard, but it has inspired me to run a Bio for him sometimes soon, it would have been good to have perhaps included Bufalof Soldier – l will pop along 🙂

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