Just a quickie …. but?

Is anyone still experiencing problems with commenting on my blog posts?

Melanie of Sparksfromacombustiblemind  says she is still experiencing problems with not being able to comment on my posts or very few of them, is Melanie the only one, or does anyone else experience the same problem?

Also Melanie, if you read this, you manage to comment on some of my posts but not all, could you highlight which ones you have problems with please?

Pop me a comment below, many thanks.


NB: With a quick look at my settings l have noticed this … which may or may not be the culprit. However, this was ticked on – this one here prevents too much spam from hitting my blog. Prior to upgrading to eCommerce, l was being beset with around 1800 spam comments a week, which is way too many to keep on manually deleting at 20 per page and l couldn’t keep up with that and so l left my spam alone – trust me when l say from someone with at times chronic OCD the spam folder became a nightmare for me.

Now since the upgrade, l have not had any spam, because this button is automatically switched on. Now l have manually switched it off and l should imagine that l will start seeing spam appear again – if however this doesn’t resolve the issue then at least l know it is another problem and from that point l can then look at something different.

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    1. Okay thanks Sadje, for you it was the reblog. I am wondering if it is the same for Melanie. I did email her about it also when you explained it to me.

  1. The problem seems to be random. I find posts, go to comment, see the email boxes, and go away. The next time I read that person’s blog, all is normal. A few days later, the email boxes are back. Doesn’t seem to follow any rhyme or reason I can see.
    But I do give up when I see the email boxes.

      1. Not this time, but sometimes it happens; not just yours, everywhere, and they didn’t attach it either. It’s what I expect to see if I’m not logged in, but don’t expect to be there is I am – and yet …

        1. Got you. Mm, interesting points. Thank you.

          Have you seen these email boxes since l have upgraded in comparison to pre upgrade.

          WP said that if l unticked a certain box, l would get a lot of spam, and l haven’t had spam since the upgrade as said, whereas prior l was getting around 1800 a week, so many l simply couldn’t keep up with deleting them, so left them.

          If l untick that box which is l believe an automatic ticking the moment you upgrade then l risk getting even more spam again, so mm, l don’t miss the spam, but l don’t know if it is that that is causing some to not be able to comment.

          Mm, thank you 🙂

          1. I don’t think it’s just you – I’ve seen the problem with the email boxes on lots of sites, but the next time, they’re not there.

            1. Okay, thanks Cage – well it’s enough information to look at my settings again and see if something is ticked that l didn’t tick, just to make sure 🙂

  2. And if my previous comment went to spam, I must be a baddie … sorry, I’ll pack my swag and head on down the road aways

    1. No, l can see your comments just fine 🙂

      Of late a lot of comments have been hitting spam folders, ironically the one thing l have noticed since going ecommercial is that l don’t have spam, l haven’t had any spam for , well for since l upgraded.

      I know a lot of Ping Backs go missing as well, many a time l have had comments with pings go missing, not just hitting spam, but completely disappearing.

  3. I found one problem of having to resign in. I had Chrome set for two step authentication. I stopped it, seems to be ok now.

    1. Hey Cheryl, thanks for commenting
      now that is interesting to know because WP made reference to that and what they said is going to happen is that more platforms[as in servers] will have these authentications switched on and should people wish they will manually switch off.

      I have currently manually switched off a setting that switches on everytime l log in, so l will see if that is an issue as well.

  4. I try to keep my spam folder manageable by blacklisting the URLs of the frequent spammers, so they get sent to trash rather than spam.

    1. Hey Ashley, l did that also for a while, but l still got hammered by random generators. RNG’ programs can conjure up as you know hundreds of new names in the space of a minute, we can’t keep on keeping up with it all, because they change it.

      1. I’ve found in the spam I’ve gotten there’s still quite a bit of consistency in the URLs, since they’re trying to get you to visit the same site.

  5. I still have to raise my hand and wait to be acknowledged.🙋 I don’t think it’s just your site. I’ve had comments go completely missing on other sites that I comment often on. I’ve had lots of comments go straight through. I think WP is just glitchy.

    1. Yes, l am still clueless why your comments are having to be approved, l know there is nothing in my settings restricting you at all – you never before now [or recently] had to be manually approved.

  6. I honestly can’t remember which post it was from yesterday, but when I went to pull up the link, the page said “Oops No Page”, then there was one with no like button, nor comment section for obvious reasons.
    I hope you’re able to fix the problems soon. Good luck!

    1. Okay, l can resolve the oops no page now – that is because the post is sitting in the reblog reschedule. various posts are reblogged twice a day The I Just Wanted to say, the animal promotions posts, the snifty pens, and other promotion posts are posted twice a day to achieve maximum coverage.

      I decided against making two posts, as it is just too many posts out there and especially if they are promotion posts.

      As to the no like button, that’s l think a glitch as l don’t have any like that intentionally and the same with the comments as l haven’t knowingly set anything up like that.

      But this is great info, so many thanks Beckie 🙂

  7. I think my comments are appearing on your blog. What I’m not getting are the email notifications that tell me someone has replied. It’s only the replies though, not the actual comment that doesn’t give me a notification. You’re not the only one this happens too, however.

    1. Hey Barb, l know, it’s hard to know what is working against what is not working, l see all your comments l think, l have had to dig out anything from spam or pending. I have two screens which enables me to work two servers and therefore have two versions of my blog open, so then l can if needs be dig out lost comments 🙂

          1. I don’t think it’s working STILL. I also don’t think it’s your blog nor my blog that’s the problem, it’s something with WordPress. I have another blog I follow where this routinely happens. The alleged happiness engineers can’t seem to fix it either. Argh.

            1. No, l also got that from them, they could not identify what the problem was, so l disconnected everything it could be from my settings to see if that allowed you easier access. I have been reading tutorials, watching videos, and still l was none the wiser 🙂

              But hopefully this is it now sorted 🙂

  8. Okay we’ll see if THIS works. The problem isn’t with your site, nor mine, it appears to be the connection TO WordPress when commenting. Yours isn’t the only blog I’m experiencing that issue with either. If I press that icon (the blue “W” for WordPress) to log in to comment, it won’t stop trying to load (i.e. ‘spins’). If I write in my email address, it seems to work. A glitch. Neither of us are at fault for it, but I’m glad to have figured it out (I hope). If this comment shows up, then it’s ‘flxed’ to my satisfaction. Thanks Rory! 😀

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