Frosted Kiss


Frosted Kiss

Untrodden and pure an’ fresh th’s morning’
Silent whisperings during the’ night,
With us she hath shared coldest breath,
Deception lieth in wait,
Unbeknownst to those who awaken,
Now, only do they see dangers in wake,
Frosted kisses do some take delights,
Within wintry snows gate!
‘Tis not all as it seems,
Beware laden boughs, icy path,
Lurking dangers do hide well,
Perils to the unwary do await!
Tread well within whiteness,
Beauty can be seen afar,
Admiring am l of natures’ shown art,
Faining am l however for the abate,
When frosted spectres do fly away,
Settling elsewhere for others to cherish,
May season ripen other ways,
And not displaying in paling hate!
Nay am l so adverse to her love,
Upon our hearts of scorn,
Warming with kiss of frost,
Covering dank darkness doth desecrate!

© Rory Matier 2012

Guy or Bloke, Your Choice


31 thoughts on “Frosted Kiss

      1. Hi 👋🏻!! 😁 all good… taming the 🌊. And of course! You should know how much i enjoy reading your poems… only fair i divulge my feelings since you shared words breathlessly speaking from a floating pen in the sky… 👏🏼🎶🎶

  1. Show off!😀
    So Incredibly beautiful, that the gorgeous wording threw me off track of the message. Wow! What a way to share the morning with your reader’s ‘Roar’. 🙂 What a gift of writing you truly have!

        1. You bet! It’s snowing and it’s beautiful! Snowbirds everywhere! Take care! Chase happiness is never far at all!😀

  2. gosh i really love this on this hot summer day here, it’s a hundred degrees, and this nice little poem really cools me off.

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