Dysfunctional Communications


Dysfunctional Communications

We live in a world, where we don’t have to speak,
It’s all computer-generated communications,
And one can even attach cameras if they want a peek,
Of the person to whom they have friendly relations,
Nowadays we don’t even have to step outside,
To gather and hoard loads of friends,
For we can attract them with our applied,
Computer friendly applications!

With the arrival of Vent, WhatsApp and of course Skype,
Which are forms of Internet telephones,
We can catch up on the gossip and the hype,
Without ever even leaving home,
I remember the days, well before the likes of Facebook,
Bebo, Twitter and other such ‘friend drawing’ gadgets,
When socialising was considered a great hook,
For the likes of those who were against high tech!

But now, well it’s the dawning of a new age,
For if not lured in by the likes of boring soaps,
We busy ourselves on our computers backstage,
Pretending that we are communicating with our aps,
Often wonder what would happen, if suddenly they were gone,
And people had to again talk to each other directly,
Would they actually have the courage to leave home?
And more importantly, would they speak correctly?

Or would they be searching around for some kind of tool,
In which to help them boost their confidence,
Maybe, they would just stare, dribble and drool,
Puzzled as to what was expected, and seek out assurance,
Personally l think it’s the children that would suffer,
At the lack of the ability to understand,
That before computers was around as a buffer,
Actually talking to each other was the first true language of man!

And before being attacked for my opinion,
Yes l too am equally as much to blame,
I also hide behind my computer in territorial dominion,
And write as l do under an avatar name!
Yes, l use this intelligent gadget to speak too,
For it’s an unsafe world out there you know,
And l don’t even know you,
To me, you are just another Jane or John Doe!

© Rory Matier 2012


Images courtesy Pixabay



31 thoughts on “Dysfunctional Communications

  1. Yep, us old folks would do much better if all the gadgets died. It makes me laugh to see one of my daughters with a group of their friends all together in a room and no one is talking. They’re all just staring at their phones.😲😂

    1. I know, l have an old block of a mobile phone, 4 functions send message, receive message receive phone call, make phone call, it’s all l need for a mobile phone in fact l am pretty sure that was the original purpose. To be be more mobile and keep talking at the same time.

      Now it’s mostly stare at phone, sometimes talk??

  2. Nice post Rory, ya I remember those days before mobile phones and satilight tv was the big to do in a small town with out much to do put get in truble for doing anything.


  3. This is true. I have always been one to refuse technology when I can. Now with having a blog, I’m using my technology more than I care to admit. I am still behind in that I refuse to have a smartphone. Unless I’m writing (which includes blogging), my kids have my full attention. I’m not on my phone and fear if I had a smartphone then I would be tempted to whip it out while spending quality time with them. Kids still need attention and communication.

    1. Like you Ashley, l don’t have a Smartphone, l have a dumbphone in so far as it’s just a brick with no fancy connection to the Internet, it makes and takes calls and the same for texts.

      The biggest technology l have is my desktop pc.

      1. I have a laptop that’s about as technologically advanced as it gets for me. My dumb phone is the same as yours. It serves its purpose.

        1. And that Ashley is it exactly – my phone serves its purpose – it’s mobile, it makes call and receives them and the same for texts and that’s all need.

          My partner Suze has a Smartphone and l look at it when it’s ringing and she says can you answer that please and by the time l figure out how to it’s gone to answerphone ha ha, l am a dunce with most technology 🙂

  4. Whenever my friends and I gather, the phones are usually off to the side. The lacking of one on one conversing is sad these days.
    I have an FB account, in which is stagnant. The same applies to Instagram. Other than my old fashion e-mail, an occasional text, and blogging. That is all I need.
    Love this! 😊

    1. I have Fb, but only use it these days for the internal chat system, and occasionally looking back at old memories. Twitter – Scrappy has an account, but it’s now dormant and has been since early October. Never had Instagram, and my main is WP.

      I have an old fashioned unconnected mobile phone that l use to mostly Text Suze or my Mother, and next to that l have my desktop pc.

      We have a Smart TV that strangely enough was kicking our butts around the loungeroom last night as it is probably smarter than the pair of us. And Suze is most assuredly more savvy than me digitally speaking, but she used to be a SAP BA so it is to be expected 🙂

  5. Wow, Rory, you nailed it. I think many people would not be abled to function without their technology. I personally have resisted change. WP and email are my online forms of communication and I have texting blocked from my (old fashion) flip phone. If you want to talk to me you must call me. I want to hear you voice!

        1. I am the same as you Ruth, l don’t know where the time seems to be going at present, but catching up with my catching up just doesn’t cut it, l am so far behind l am thinking l am reading backwards or something 🙂

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