Little Big Surprises Down Under … Maybe!


Little Big Surprises Down Under … Maybe!

Just over a month ago, l had an idea to surprise Suze when she was visiting her daughter and her grandkids down under in Australia this month. Which was to have Kat of Family Furore who runs and maintains Meisha Mosaics  to create and craft a couple of pieces of her beautiful handiwork for me as a commission. Suze loves Dragonfly’s and so Kat and l bandied a couple of ideas around and Kat came up with this piece below. Suze and l both have passion for supporting handmade craft works equally as much we love hand crafted products – there is more personality in work that you have more connection to than commercial products.

I thought Suze would love this as Kat is based in Sydney and l knew Suze and her daughter were planning a small break away from Adelaide in Sydney for a few days. It would be a superb opportunity for Suze who despite being to Australia quite a few times since 2015 has not actually seen much of the big country otherwise known as Australia. So l was quite excited at the prospect that perhaps l could organise with Kat a surprise gifting of this dragonfly to Suze direct whilst she was in Sydney and she would also meet Kat who l have been friends with a few years now, since we met on Twitter for our sins.

The Rainbow Butterfly

By hitting the link it will take you to Kat’s post about it directly.


However, this particular piece ‘The Rainbow Dragonfly’ wasn’t/isn’t the main surprise, because before Suze had left England last week she had already seen this piece and absolutely loved it. With the trip to Sydney, Suze was under the impression that she too would be meeting Kat and she would be handed the mosaic directly.

What Suze didn’t know and still doesn’t is that it’s the second commission piece that is actually the surprise. Basically it was a heart felt thank you gift for her support over the whole business with my father’s death, and the estate and the trips up to his house after his death. I didn’t need to gift her anything technically, l had already said thank you and she was fine with that. But considering the stress that was my father and the shit that Suze had to put up with from that man towards the end of his life – no one needs that – l had come to expect that behaviour from him, but my partner didn’t need to be subjected to it. So, l wanted  to thank her properly by getting her something really special, which The Rainbow Butterfly was to her.

It was this piece below that is/was and still is the actual surprise – because Suze only thinks there is one commissioned piece and unknowing to the second larger crafted piece. The Rainbow Butterfly measures 11.5” x 8.5″, but Pond Life measures 12″ x 18″ and l reckoned that Suze would appreciate a pair of hand crafted dragonfly mosaics.

Pond Life

By hitting the link it will take you to Kat’s post about it directly.


However, as is ”always” the way, carefully laid plans can sometimes run loose of their moorings! What l didn’t configure into my plans was that Suze’s daughter has a fairly busy schedule planned for their break in Sydney and wants to make sure that her mum sees quite a bit, which is both fair and understandable as both daughter and mother are extremely close and with now 12000 miles between them, they don’t get to see each other a lot obviously.

So it may well be, that Kat might not meet Suze and be able to hand over the two pieces directly and take the magical photographs that l had rather selfishly wished for the part 2 of this post. This is not saying it will not still happen, but Suze still doesn’t yet have the schedule of touristy things her daughter has planned for her. The reason it is awkward is because neither Kat, Suze or l are going to know the times that a meeting could be set up. So part 2 of this series may not occur and in which case Kat will simply send the two pieces direct to Suze’s daughter’s house in Adelaide and l will never get to see Suze’s face when she receives the unknown one.

Hey ho as they say, or what is it, ‘”It ain’t over till the fat lady sings!”

So there may well be a part 2 to this story yet, l’ll keep y’all posted!

If you are not yet aware of Kat of Family Furore and Meisha Mosaics l do strongly recommend you heading over there and pop in for a hello, as Kat is a truly lovely person and will always greet you with a smile.

15 thoughts on “Little Big Surprises Down Under … Maybe!

    1. Hey Sadje so do l. There’s still time. Problem is, l can’t get ahold of the daughter as she is always busy otherwise l could have got more of a heads up to the Sydney schedule and times.

  1. Gorgeous pieces! I share Suze’s love of dragonflies. I hope it works out in Sydney. If it doesn’t maybe the daughter could be clued in to snap some pics when they arrive in the mail?

  2. Thank you kindly for the glowing references Rory and I hope Suze will be just as happy with the second mosaic.
    I had the thought of Suze’s daughter snapping the shots if the meeting doesn’t eventuate, but it sounds like that might not be workable which would be a shame. We’ll hope the original plan eventuates 🙂

  3. I so hope there’s a part 2! Both pieces are gorgeous. The second one literally took my breath away. Your friend Kat is very talented!

    1. Hey Barb, yes both pieces are superb – sadly l have learned today that the part 2 may not materialise the way l had planned with Kat and hoped though 🙁

      1. I know, but, l am guessing that as she doesn’t see her Mum a great deal, well 12000 miles is a long way for mother and daughter to be apart, l guess she just wants some time alone with her 🙂

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