Dear Blog – 00.14 – 29/06/19

Never mind Dear Blog, it should read Dear WTF …… Dawg!!?

I have a feeling that my little madam here will be issuing soon a 4 paws diary entry if this evening’s performance is anything to go by!

Yesterday Suze left the UK to go and visit her daughter and the grandkids down under in good ol’ Oz! Now despite Suze and l explaining to our pooch here that Mummy would be gone for a little under three weeks, but she WOULD be back! Madam la Scrappy, is not a happy girl …..





Yesterday was really easy, l figured that as she has gotten older, she is accepting of the fact that Mummy on the odd occasion goes away …. l was wrong, so terribly, terribly and even more terribly wrong!

Oh no!

So we had an easy night, but when we went out for our walk this morning, Scrappy saw Mummy’s car and oh my … she must have thought that Mummy was home, so she tore off at 90 miles an hour, cut short her already shortened walk and then raced back home! When we got back, the house and garden was searched thoroughly for the missing Mummy to no avail and then slumpdawg arrived on the scene and what are those eyes looking at me for with the devil itself present?

So Scrappy calmed down again, and as we went out for our evening walk and she saw the car AGAIN, this time she refused to move from the car and ten minutes of coaxing her is what it took. We walked a little bit faster than normal, but not the 90 mph of this morning and when we got back, she once again searched the house high and low for the missing and quite possibly kidnapped mummy!

But she calmed down again until around 9pm last night when suddenly a huge panting wildly episode was created for an hour! She didn’t pace, she ran top speed from the front door to the back of the house and into the garden and then continued this for a whole sixty minutes – each time she passed me here she gave me the glare that says ‘Fess up pal, what have you done with my mummy??’

Currently she is asleep, and she is calm again, but l feel that this may well be a very long 16 days.

The sadness is that as she is getting older, we do believe that there is perhaps a little bit of doggy dementia present with Scrappy, and despite how frustrating her actions become, it does pull at my heart that my little girl gets herself so badly wound up. But at least she is still eating. Some of you may recall back in November she stopped eating for the first few days that Suze was away.

Dear Blog ……


15 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 00.14 – 29/06/19

  1. Awww, poor Mr Scrappy.
    Have you tried putting an item of Suze’s clothing in Scrappy’s sleeping place?
    Being able to smell her scent, might help….

            1. Well of course l miss Suze, she is my partner Sadje. If l didn’t what would be the point of a relationship?

              But her children and her grandchildren are emotionally important to her equally as much as you in your role of grandmother feel the same way, and of course you and Suze share something and that is that your kids are not on your doorsteps. For Suze her younger grandchildren are 12,000 miles away from where l sit typing to you today in Kent to you in Seattle 🙂

              Do l miss her to the same degree of Scrappy? No, of course not, but that is the difference between K9 cognitivity and human.

              I have said this before, l don’t get lonely and l am gratefu for that, but Scrappy is sadly an old and infirm dog that has even more sadly dementia, and at her age she likes routines, and when those routines are broken, they affect her more because of older age. It’s strange to her, she in her world sees her mummy daily, to not see her upsets her.

              But she will aclimatize to this.

              The beauty and the detriment of dogs is that they don’t fully understand the passing of time, and they don’t talk human.

              1. i know you do Sadje, because you relate directly to what l am saying and where l am coming from.

                When there is time travel is the world and dogs and humans can communicate 100% without any confusion occuring then we will not the sad situations we have now.


  2. Poor Scrappy😞 Is there any way you can move the car or like Sadje wrote, cover it? She might not notice the time passing if the car doesn’t remind her?
    Our K9 friends are very loyal to us. Zeus follows me from room to room, and when I leave the house, he will sit in front of the door until I come back. Even with other people home.

    1. Yes Scrappy’s like that for me as well. You start dust covering cars here, people might think the house is empty and peeps are on holiday which is not the message we need to be awarding. The car moving, no that is not a doer either – this morning she walked past the car like it wasn’t there anyway. dementia is a bitch at one end and at times a blessing on the other. But she is generally pretty good now.

      Of course, it could well be that we get another hour like we had last night, l guess we’ll deal with that as it happens.

  3. Poor Scrappy. Wish there was some way to really let them know their loved one will be back, and not to fret. Not sure it would help or hinder, but maybe hearing Suze’s voice on the phone now and again?

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