4 Paws Diary – Ep 40

Episode 40

4 Paws Diary

29th June 2019

The Orange Box and Box Mystery

Hey All,

Short and sweet ….. ish … mummy is away!

Dad and l had a talk last night and again this morning and again this evening …. he tells me, mummy is coming back. he tells me lots of things and yes, these do come true, so l have decided to believe him this time. he said it’s okay for me to miss mummy.

He and mummy had a box call today, not quite sure how it works, but dads kompootah helped him? He suddenly put on these extra fluffy ears and starting talking to himself – l was thinking why the fluffy ears, you always talk to yourself! now you are doing it with fluffy ears on and pretending to talk to the kompootah! But he started talking to the box about me, and that got me a little curious? Why is my dad talking to his kompootah with fluffy ears on about me? perhaps he is not talking to himself but talking to his kompootah!?

He then said do l want to talk to mummy?

Well l just didn’t believe him, and then he said tomorrow that the kompootah would talk to me and l would see mummy!? Which made me then think why is mummy inside dad’s kompootah?? How can she fit in there? That certainly explains why her car is still outside, but it doesn’t explain the big orange box l saw the day that mummy went away!

The big orange box lives upstairs for most of the year and mummy has to bring down a ladder from the upper parts of the house just to visit. I saw it a couple of times last year, and l saw it again not long back. Mummy then puts all sorts of things into this orange box and then tries to close it! That doesn’t always work, and then mummy starts talking to the orange box, like dad talks to his boxes … l think l am the only sane one in this house and they keep on saying l am going buloo – but l don’t talk to boxes!!

You know?


Dad said when he took the fluffy ears off, that mummy said he and l should go into the garden and have some fun taking clickittys, so l thought well why not, okay then, they are below, let me know which ones you like the most.

I will paw you all again soon, and l’ll let you know what it’s like to talk to mummy inside the box!

Thanks for reading folks, catch you all soon! So …

Till then, Tootlepip from Doodlepip!

me two

Standing and tolerating dad.




Sitting and still tolerating dad. [He told me to stop looking grumps and smile, and so l compromised and smiled but still didn’t look at him]




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  1. That’s really good the you will talk to mummy. You should try to believe what dad is telling you. I am sure he is telling the truth. 🐾🐾

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