Colours of the Night Time Day


Colours of the Night Time Day

Of the many beauties of our world, l can but say,
Nothing compares to the colours of night-time day,
Magical glimpses captured by the eyes,
Of moments that stop still between changing skies,
When dawn becomes day, and dusk becomes night,
Vibrancy’s blending together into stunning delights,

Sunsets and next day risings, l have seen in plenty,
Immersing me into an atmosphere of undisputed serenity,
Jewelled offerings from Mothers’ finest canvas,
Displayed honestly and openly to the unbelievers,
Exciting those of us who have followed in time,
Watching in awe at yet another remarkable awakened climb,

From golden dawning’s to evening shadows dancing,
Never failing me does she in her portrait entrancing,
Horizons constantly a glimmering from her unseen creativity,
Providing viewers to colourfully paraded festivities,
Night time day productions from around our world,
Dazzling the romantically inclined as her fingers unfurl,

Revealing radiance’s that painters simply desire,
When looking for inspiration to ignite their own fires,
She fails us not, for delivering within our gazing,
Astounding palettes of such splendour and sparkling blazing,
Twice daily she performs this beauty of our skies,
Artistically comparing to none, yet always a new surprise,

I have seen the sun rise and sunsets’ in many countries,
And always she has never failed to please me,
Will be this way l should imagine for the rest of my time,
Following her pathway l will and pen many to rhyme,
l am in love with her ability to please me this way,
Showing me the beauties of colours of the night-time day.

© Rory Matier 2012



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