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27th June 2019

Today Suze is off to Australia to visit her daughter and her grandchildren for 17 days or very close to, she is back on the 15th July. So Scrappy and l are here to fend for ourselves! Scary times …………. no, not really. Scrappy is a very capable dawg!

However, l find that l must write copious notes when Suze is away down under, of course Suze also makes sure l am aware of these notes also and she is wonderful and letting me know what l mustn’t forget.

Am l a capable house husband l hear you all ask?

Yes, l am perfectly adept at looking after myself, afterall l was a firm bachelor of a few years before Suze and l met – of course l may not have been the tidiest of fellows and by this, l do not mean l was terribly untidy, because those two words as in ‘me and untidy’ well we don’t walk hand in hand, we are quite adverse each other … but and this is a long but and not a bottom that drags along the concreete, no, it’s one of these buts …buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutttttt … l am not as tidy as Missy OCD Suze. Well that’s also unfair, Suze was incredibly OCD tidy when l first met her, but now she is hippy tidy, or hippy with OCD tidy, not derrogative towards hippies or even OCD hippies, but Suze is more way laid back now …unless she is stressed then she is no longer hippy OCD tidy but former relationship to Aspie tidy! As in Ultra tidy!

But as l have said before, we do balance each other out very nicely indeed, so she is no longer Missy Prim OCD tidy! Unless of course, you take into the equation the credo of ‘OMG l am having to travel 12000 miles to visit my daughter and l have so much to do, too much to do and not enough time to do it all!

Then she is no longer Missy Prim OCD Tidy either, but Mrs Nothing Is Too Great a Task Tidy! It’s that tidy Scrappy and l have to watch for, because that means there are going to be copious notes concerning tidiness, temporary bachelorhoodness and making sure things don’t die tasks!

Recently we have got ourselves a new hoover, which at my own concession is a bit of an animal – in fact it is l am pretty sure an actual animal – the Dyson V11 – Animal! This was bought primarily to deal with a certain young lady who seemingly believes she is on the planet to spread not just her happiness … but her fur and we are back at copious – yes folks! Scrappy loses copious amounts of fur daily, hence why we needed a super sonic animal! To cope with the copious! But l am highly proficient, wobbly shoulder an’ all at handling the V11!

We also got a new dishwasher, which was desperately needed as the other one was almost screaming nightly in frustration at us, and that’s a bit of a beast, well a slim beast, and slim digital beast at that. Despite popular belief l am not that tech savvy, but l did read my instructions and it very easy to operate! So there is no need to NOT use it!

But Suze for the last few days has been in addition to working her job and working the garden cleaning the house from top to bottom, on the premise of making it easier for me which is very nice of course – not needed – but nice, but l also believe that there is a hidden agenda added, an invisible clause. That “If l clean it now and Rory does the hoovering the house shouldn’t be that bad when l get back in 17 days time!”

I don’t deny that is the cynical me saying that, but l am very capable of cleaning a house as well. But Suze is like that, because it also helps to calm her nerves when she has this horrendous flight ahead of her, which to the unknowing – UK – Australia isn’t far short of a full day sitting on your backside! It’s a bloody awful long flight, that  Mel of Crushed Caramel  had recently undertaken to go and visit her Goldfinch – strange coincidence also, that both my Suze and Mel are going to be in Adelaide at the same time, small world.

However, l have my notes to myself of what l must ensure l do, here’ll show you!

I do have a three page document that was produced for me a few years back, which l only use sparingly now and that’s really because Suze used to go for periods of 4 – 6 weeks whilst now because she is working it’s only 17 days, and you may recall, that Suze was in Australia only last year in November. But l occasionally refer to that document.

1] Remember to EAT!

2] Remember to hoover

3] Remember to EAT!

4] Don’t walk Scrappy if it’s too hot!

5] Don’t forget Scrappy’s outside water bowl.

6] Or her indoor bowl!

7] Remember to walk Scrappy not too far.

8] Don’t forget we have a washing machine.

9] An occasional dusting would be helpful.

10] Don’t forget to fill up the bird feeders.

11] Check the garden in case Scrappy’s pooed!

12] Water the green house, and if too hot to open the door slightly.

13] Don’t forget to water the plants outside and inside.

14] We have plenty of food, remember to EAT!

15] Remember to harvest the fruit and vegetables as they grow.

So, you see, it’s not that bad a list – why is Scrappy on it? Do l forget her? No, of course not, l have a dog that doesn’t allow for that kind of behaviour, that’s just Suze’s humour but, the reminders to eat, is something l actually forget to do believe it not. Short term memory is currently terrible, as l am very hyperfocused on the blog and developing the blog, that yes on occasion, l do forget to eat.

I have a surprise for Suze, that Kat of Family Furore and l have collaborated and worked on as Kat in her freelancing mode as a Mosaic crafter. But l will write about that in due course.

I am thankful, that l am not a person who suffers from loneliness, that must be terrible for people. But it doesn’t mean l don’t miss her, l always do. Roll on the 15th July!

Dear Blog ……

13 thoughts on “Dear Blog – Note To Self!

  1. I hope it goes quickly for you. She is a very considerate person. So you should look after yourself and always remember to EAT!

  2. We’ll help you remember to eat😉😂
    Last time Size was gone Scrappy was convinced you’d done something nefarious to her mum. I hope she won’t be giving you the stink eye until the 15th.

    1. Too late it’s already started! She is pacing up and down the corridor and given me questioning looks, because “Mummy’s car” is parked in the driveway and Scrappy is thinking “Alrighty then, car’s here’s where MUM? What have you done with her???”

      I can sense a 4 paws diary entry acoming!! Ha ha

  3. Heh. I understand the OCD neatness vs the hippy neatness. I’m more OCD when someone is in my space because having someone around makes me anxious. It’s my space and I’m asserting control by straightening it up constantly while they’re there. But when I’m alone… out comes the hippy. Socks can stay on the floor overnight. A cup on the table? No problem. I even have been known to fling my mail on the floor in a fit of hedonism!

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