Mr Farty Pants Smarting Bot!

“I used to recite word for word ‘If you ever see a bunny with a very runny nose, don’t think its funny cos it’snot!”

Mr Farty Pants Smarting Bot!

Poor ol’ bunny l used to think, it’s not funny it’snot!
Never thinking anything at all could be worse!
I was wrong, there is, a bot that’s shot!
A rectal problem that’s fast become a curse!

I am not at all sure, why it has started,
It’s most unpleasant and always at night,
First twas innocent botty burps till it farted,
Which gave us all quite the fright!

It’s the most horrific of problems to have,
One that is creating no end of unwanted scent,
Has me running constantly to the lav!
Which leaves me frustrated as it’s already been spent!

On pointless and noisy clouds of unsupervised air,
Which reek of things l have NOT eaten!
But my bot’s eager to release and to share,
Like a screeching banshee with sudden freedom!

Wonder do l, if perhaps it’s all the vaping,
Although smoking never caused me such unwanted alarm,
Or a rear end that felt like it was an invading,
Sewage farm!!

I honestly don’t know why, l now fart all night,
Producing the foulest of  H’anus stenches,
Like some wild and crazy windy neophyte,
Eager to release all from the wobbly unclenched!

But l do know this, and this is surely it,
That it’snot discharge from a runny bunny,
But escaping gasses, and it’s absolute shit,
From a smarting bot, that don’t find it funny!

© Rory Matier 2019


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