Quickies Around the World!! [+ New Days]

Quickies Around the World!

24 Hour Blog Question

Can you please tell me the answers to these questions for your parts of the world – l acknowledge that some might seem blatantly obvious – but l just need to know please. If some of these days are not celebrated with you, can you please award me with the answer to what is please? 

This question is really aimed at those who celebrate special days , international or national days as well as finding out the alternatives and not to those who have the days anyway but choose to not celebrate them through personal choice.

Many Thanks Rory

April Fools Day [April 1st]

Christmas Day  [December 25th]

Father’s Day

16th June UK/USA

1st September Australia

Mother’s Day

22nd March UK

10th May USA/Australia

Halloween [31st October]

Easter [12th April]

New Year [January 1st]

Pirate Day [September 19th]

Valentine Day [February 14th]

Flag Day [3rd September Australia]

*Festivus [December 23rd]

*St. Patrick’s Day [17th March]

*Memorial Day [Last Monday of May]

*Labor Day [First Monday in September]

*Flag Day [June 14th USA]

*Independence Day [USA – 4th July]

*Pioneer Day [UTAH] 24th July

Are there any other days that people celebrate that they would like to see added to this list? If so please do drop a comment below.

My thanks for the additional days mentioned * by Melanie of Sparksfromacombustiblemind  and Ashley – Mental Health @ Home

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30 thoughts on “Quickies Around the World!! [+ New Days]

  1. Pirate Day? Oh my! Sounds like a ren faire activity….lol all the others are celebrated in the US. my personal favorite holiday is “wear a plunger on your head” day.

  2. Depends upon what you mean by “celebrate.” I recognize and am aware of all except Pirate’s Day (Aaarrrggg, avast ye mateys, I’ve heard of Talk Like a Pirate Day). As to celebrating, some yes, others, not so much.

  3. When I had kids at home, all except pirate day, but they would have loved that if we knew about it. Any time with children on those special days was a lot of fun.

  4. I celebrate them all:

    April Fools Day
    Christmas Day
    Father’s Day
    Mother’s Day
    New Year
    Pirate Day
    Valentine Day


    St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th)
    Memorial Day (May 28th or the last Monday in May)
    Labor Day (Sept 5th)
    Flag Day (June 14th)

    I’ve never done anything FOR Pirate Day, but I’ve heard about it. Arrrggghhh. 😉

        1. Oh grief Melanie, l am so sorry, l am currently correcting these answers 🙁

          No consolation, but my new glasses are with me this coming week, your new images reminds me of Angie’s old image. Will correct all wrong answers.


  5. Aw crud. Here’s two more that I forgot in my haste:

    Independence Day (American Independence Day – July 4th) AND
    (unique to Utah) Pioneer Day (July 24th). 🙂

    1. Excellent additions Melanie – l am so sorry l mistook your image for Angie’s old one 🙁

      My new glasses are with me the end of this week though.

      Have corrected.

      1. Again, no Grandma. Is WordPress messing with you? Also I discovered something. I CAN reply to your blogs as long as I do it IN WordPress. If I try to reply to a comment I read from Gmail, I cannot. Maybe that’s the key to why my responses don’t always work?

        1. Is wordPress messing with me, not specifically, are my eyes messing with me? Yes. I am struggling to see some of the smaller darker icons and am sadly making a couple of errors. I have new glasses specific for heavy computer work being collected this Friday.

          Sorry Melanie.

        2. Sorry Melanie, l feel like a right twit. I have corrected all my answers.

          I am awaiting the collection of new computer specific glasses for computer work this Friday.

          My eye appointment last Friday discovered my left eye can no longer motorise its coordination with my right and whilst my eye health overall is very good, my left eye has become a dead or lazy eye. I have had the problem with me since l was ten, but when young nothing was ever done to correct it, and so 45 year later my left eye has become quite problematic.

          For the last few months l had been experiencing serious eye ache and making small errors whilst writing, principally because my glasses were wrong for detailed work.

          So my apologies Melanie for the errors.


        3. Well l wote a post concerning this very problem and had a conversation with WP about it all on Friday just gone and made reference to all the problems that were being experienced by some of my readership. it’s an interesting point concerning the Gmail though, and l experienced something similiar myself not long back.

  6. Pirate’s Day? Do you get to drink rum all day? Count me in👍😂
    We acknowledge all the holidays but only make an effort for Halloween (gotta dress up and go begging for candy with the midget) Christmas because tree and Santa, and Easter because dying eggs and candy from the Easter Bunny.
    We also do the big turkey dinner in November but since the ex is Native we always called it “Gee, Thanks For Taking” day.

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