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It pays at times to go against the grain of what you might ‘normally do’, of how you might ‘normally think’ – it pays to challenge yourself and ask yourself ‘what is the definition of not just normal, but my normal?’

You could spend your entire life searching for that answer alone, or alternatively – just take the leap into the unknown, you may be surprised what’s on the other side of you!

Quote of the Day

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”


Top 5 Call Out

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So, would you like to hear from one of your favourite singers or groups? Just tell me who below and l will dedicate five tracks to you from your favourite artist! Also in addition to suggesting and requesting an artist, please include one of your favourite songs and l will of course include this in the Top 5 Line up for you.

Today we are once again listening to a request from Emily Mae Hood of New York Family Adventures who would love to hear five tracks from Generation X – so hang on to your keyboards folks – things are about to get real noisy, real quick! it would be great if someone requested Billy Idol! Failing that who wants to see a Theme time Bio on him?

5 Days of Top Five Tracks

26th June Chris Stapleton Penny Wilson of Penny Wilson Writes
27th June Blondie Paula of Light Motifs II
28th June Evanescence Angie of King Ben’s Grandma
29th June Al Stewart Gary of Bereaved Single Dad
30th June Aretha Franklin Kristian of Life Lessons from Around the Dinner Table

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So that’s me, but what about you?

What have you got planned for your blogs this week or have you got anything special outside your blogs this week?

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  1. Gotta love Billy Idol. I actually saw him perform a couple years ago. Still looks great without a shirt and still rocks!
    We had many discussions back in the day trying to come up with what “Eyes Without A Face” was about. Did it have hidden meanings? Did faceless eyes need sunglasses?😂😂😂 such silly conversations!

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