Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #19


In response to Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #19

Unfocused Hocus Pocus

Ever since the thing happened that night,
Way last year, yes that time, you may recall
When l found myself without footing during the flight,
….. and sadly l had to endure the fall!

No, no, panic not don’t worry yourselves,
I was luckier than some and better off than most,
Unbalanced warlockery doesn’t pay you see, nor haphazard spells,
Pissed off witches are so totally the worst and so love to boast!

Just wasn’t ready to settle down or hang my spiked hat upon the hook,
Give up bein’ out all night, say goodbye to naughty deviance,
Start playing happy families, and staying home to cook,
…. basically bowing down to conventional obedience and convenience!

Except sadly She didn’t take it all that well’
Kicked off a hell of a magical storm,
The usual silly utterances about me ending up in hell,
Calling all the devils, imps and nasties to come forth and swarm!

Well l took off, it was the sanest thing to do, you know?
But they were quick off their feet and took to wing,
Splashed me with all sorts of curses, l started to glow!!
I was ill on my broom and was giddy and started puking!

Fell off l did, at 200 feet and landed by my neck in a tree!
Which l assure you was a bit of a drag,
It could have been worse, much worse you see,
Could have died, at least l have my head and shoulders in the bag!

Hey, as said panic not, seriously it could have been much, much worse!
I am not married to a gruesome witch and at least l am free!
This’ll fix all in good time, it’s just a temporary curse,
Once lifted, l can get back to my deviant warlockery!

© Rory Matier 2019


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  1. Wow. That was quite an interesting interpretation of that photo. I would have expected nothing less from you, Rory!

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