Musical Fun Time! Trial Pilot

Trial Pilot

Musical Fun Time is a new weekly feature – a Top [20] line-up of songs chosen by the readership …. of favourite songs, random songs,  those tunes stuck in our heads we heard from somewhere or the other, or your signature tunes, the tune that is your tune, melodies that mean something to you, or just basically songs that you thought ‘I like that!”

Each week the chosen line-up will be featured, displayed and published on the Sunday!

Let me know your ‘tune’ below in the comments section please.

So far this week in the line up we have [6]

Ribana of Popsicle Society

Signature Tune –  Barry Manilow – Copacabana [Ribana]

Paula of Light Motifs II

Fun New Country Song – Luke Combs – Beer Never Broke My Heart!

Cheryl of The Bag Lady

Always Makes Me Smile – Glen Miller – In The Mood


Barbara of Teleporting Weena

One of my favorite songs ever – Grace Potter And The Nocturnals – Stars

Beckie of Beckie’s Mental Mess

Fun Road Trips When Younger – The Eagles – Peaceful Easy Feeling

Angie of King Ben’s Grandma

On my mind lately – Bad Company – Seagull

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  1. One of my favorite songs ever, and really seems to mean a lot to me:
    “Stars” by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

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