Kissing the Knife


Kissing the Knife

What is Aspergers like to live with in actuality?
Humorous, although one must get used to eccentricity!
Your life will be viewed by others as ‘different‘,
Odd behaviours with ‘obsessional routines present‘,
Ability to seriously be ‘best’ at the inappropriate,
Observed to be socially reclusive and distant,

As age moves forwards in time, and one gets older,
Certain weaker attributes or talents become bolder,
But a proneness for the accidental is ever ready,
Making you at times appear pretty unsteady!
Rumours suggest that we have very little empathy,
Meaning that as a result we lack sympathy,

Perhaps at times, this can be viewed as a truth,
Mostly it is only ever regarded as uncouth!
With a tenacity to absorb facts like a sponge,
Added to an incredible talent to expunge,
We can become quite fixedly taken,
On the most absurd of hobbies oft forsaken!

Armed with the inane gift of taking things literally,
Makes some of us at times, look downright silly!
Combined with being over sensitive to criticism,
With stress to boot, we are open to depression,
Partners will either find us childishly touching,
Or disastrously and haphazardly exasperating!

Because of societies confusion at prognosis,
Lack of quality information can lead to neurosis,
Sometimes its’ problems are associated with psychosis,
Downbeat, sadly Aspergians are subject to misdiagnosis,
Full of stress, confusions and overall misunderstanding,
Elder sufferers tend to walk away never demanding,

What is Aspergers like to live with in actuality?
Like caressing the sharp edged blade of reality!


Asperger’s – excellent at mimicry!


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