In House Humour Not From The Balcony!

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These posts are my views on my autism/Asperger’s, they may not be everyone else’s who is on the spectrum.

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In House Humour Not From The Balcony!


It’s always a pleasure when your humour is appreciated; because it means that someone else has caught on to your dryness, your satirical wit and not taken offense to it! This is important l feel, because many a time over the years many have ridiculed my humour, my behaviour, my appropriateness or lack of it, my emotional depravity or generally my ability to see something funny when many others have disdainfully scorned me with fury laden eyes and bashed me verbally for my extreme lack of etiquette – never mind diplomacy and ‘tact!’

I have always maintained that fundamentally people are just overly sensitive, that they hold too much in the way of emotional value to their very essence. They ‘poo poo’ the notions of being true to your nature of being yourself or being who you are! Like being that person is not just sinful but remarkably hostile to society. That if you do not fit into the framed terminology for ‘normal’ by whatever definition those declaring normalcy are looking to establish at that moment in time then – well then you can fuck off!

They don’t quite say it like that, they dress it up in a thousand and one little lies, and make it look pretty, but l don’t like that, it’s not who l am – l am a cynical person, who has lived my life to the extreme, both before l was recognised as being on the spectrum of autism with my Aspergers and to a certain degree after it. I have in many ways not just lived one life but several – l have dreamed of doing things and then done them. I don’t like people preaching about what they don’t know!

More so, l cannot abide people preaching what they don’t know about who they don’t know, in this particular case – don’t preach about me if you don’t know me and or my journey that l have undertaken to get to where l am today typing about those who preach down to me!

Notably l am classed as quite a grumpy fucker when l am not smiling and joking and acting jovial. I am a great story teller, and have many a tale to tell to those who wish to listen, because l have lived my life to the fullest and can retell these fine tales of humour.

Yes l can be grumpy; the two angry Muppet characters ‘Statler and Waldorf’ would both have a genuinely interesting run for their money if there were bets between us, l would win, hands down.

My partner is constantly referring to me as Mr Grumpy and yes she’s right, l am ‘Cynical, Grumpy, an Aspie and Proud to be so!” I designed this with me in mind, and to many of my fellow cynics, both on and off spectrum, but mostly on! Because we get it – it’s in-house to us and it’s funny!


So what about you? Grumpy or happy? Realist or idealist? Cynical or credulous?

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  1. I definitely have my grumpy moments, I’m not an idealist, and most of the time I’m cynical. Comparing myself to my guinea pigs I’m probably the closest match to the one I’ve nicknamed my grumpy old man.

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